Friday, January 13, 2012

Big Secret I Have to tell You Guys

So, I know I haven't been doing as many fashion posts as I used apologies! What I have been doing is spending WAY too much time on a fashion blog that I love! I haven't shared it with you guys because its sort of my guilty pleasure. I know how you ladies out there are about being able to actually wear the stuff I post, and Im more so interested in the inspiration it gives me. So, this blog.. is a guy.. who dresses for filth every single day! I honestly think he does it on accident at this point. lol

Dan Trepanier is a Colombia graduate with a degree in Psychology (woot woot) and by far one of the most impeccable senses of style Ive ever seen. Whether you're a woman or a man, you will love the site if you love fashion. So there it is. I guess I can't feel like I have one of the best kept secrets in fashion anymore.. go check him out! (He's a cutie patoootie too ladies ;)  )

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