Friday, January 27, 2012

UPDATE! Beyonce! Yall Are Wrong for That!

So, if youre like me, youre 1 of lets say over 2 MILLION people following Beyonce's official twitter handle. For the past couple of years its sat there with "crickets" on it because not 1 tweet had been sent out. that changed.  With 2 million people & fans antiicpating how the Queen B and new mom would use her twitter account...our timelines were flooded with... A HOUSE OF DEREON AD!

Yes! You read correctly! Not oh the babies fine, or thanks for following me for 25 yrs without a peep..but a Dereon ad. And to add injury to insult the company overtakes the twitter handle changing the name from Beyonce to HODMC & acquiring over 2mil followers immediately in the process-smart maybe. The Beyonce twitter name has been acquired by some lucky fan or.. music world posing as one.. who knows. Disappointing if you ask me. You think you're following Beyonce.. check again. lol SMH

Apparantly Beyonce's twitter was just hacked by House of Dereon as now, her name has been restored to her handle (but House of Dereon still lumes as the actual name of the twitter acct.) and the real House of Dereon page has tweeted this apology.

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