Friday, January 20, 2012

Ahh! Guess Who is In the Studio with Chris Brown for Collab! (pics)

Chris Brown is currently working on the follow up album to his very succesful FAME album entitiled FORTUNE. He's been really excited to share with his fans what he is calling an incredible piece of work. He has a few great collaborations in the works. One being that of he and the Nasir Jones! Yesssss this is going to be epic! 

Chris has been the topic of discussion once again because of rumors he and ex girlfriend Rihanna have been creeping and or that she is trying to break up his relationship with model Karreueche...I dont know what to believe, but I dont doubt that they talk & that their chemistry is beyond adorable. I see them back together at some point, who cares what everybody else has to say.. love isnt wrong or right..just is.

In the meantime, Im ready for this next album, even though Im still blazing FAME.. Nas though!?? Gonna be crazy!

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