Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Video: Olivia- Walk Away

Singer/Songwriter Olivia ( Love & Hip Hop) released her new video to her record Walk Away yesterday. The video deals with the seriousness of domestic abuse and serves as a very honest approach from a friend's point of view.

During  Love & Hip Hop's latest season we got to really see Olivia's search for the right deal to get her music back out there intensify. She's still grinding it out with Rich Dollaz and this video is the latest product of her hustle. Theres a great message here for people who feel stuck in unhealthy relationships. Check it out.

Press Play: Frank Ocean- Voodoo

Frank Ocean dropped a new record over the weekend. Its crazy how he keeps releasing stuff like every other week, but we're not complaining. Check it out below.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xosfhDTjR5c?hl=en"><img alt="Play" src="http://www.gtaero.net/ytmusic/play.png" style="border:0px;" /></a>

Monday, January 30, 2012

Sneak Peek: Tyrese starring Chilli "Nothing On You" [Video]

Here is the trailer JUST released by Tyrese for his new video Nothing On You starring Chilli. Remember how excited everybody was about the photos and twitter flirting that went on between these two during the shoot?! Well looks like the video will not disappoint!

Jennifer Lopez "there is real love there" for Marc

Jennifer Lopez in a very candid interview Monday morning on the "Today Show" opened up about how natural it is to work with her now ex husband Marc Anthony. Jennifer took every question in stride as I've seen her do many times in the past. The things she wanted to elborate on she did and what she wished to keep mum about.. she did.

Regarding her children with Marc, their adorable twins, she says she hopes to give them the same happy childhood she had, just with better toys.  She also elborated on her new show  with Marc "Q'viva- The Chosen" and how that experience really enlightened her. Questions of course arose regarding why it took her so long to decide to do American Idol again. I like Jennifer, she's not afraid to do what makes her happy and she's really upfront about it all. I can respect that.

Mystery Liquid Runs Down Christina Aguilera's Legs During Tribute to Etta James

Yikes! While paying tribute to Etta James at her funeral, a dark liquid began to run down Christina Aguilera's legs. Naturally one thinks, because she's a lady that its her cycle coming on without her knowing it. (which does actually happen by the way) but not without soooome warning I'd think. So, with a little help from her reps and what we like to call common sense I have figured out exactly what it is!

As a person, I sweat a lot. Sucks, I know, but I sweat even more when Im nervous. I have had to stand up in front of people I admired, including Jazz legend Nancy Wilson and sing HER song to the best of my ability. That type of pressure is unexplainable. I too have had a couple of instances where I felt.. ohhh boy... my thighs are rubbing together & theyre sweating! I know..you don't want to think about it, but it is a reality. You dont think Beyonce has ever had sweat dripping down her legs? The only reason you never noticed is because you've probably never seen her performing without tights.

So, in Christina's defense, she's a pretty pale skinned woman and she looks a bit bronzed up during this tribute so.. its nothing but a little sweat collecting some spray on tan on its way down her legs. At least thats what I hope it is. Surely, you'd be a bit nervous too having to stand up in front of thousands to pay tribute to a voice that inspired your entire career. Give her a break guys!

Man Shows Up at Kim Kardashian's House With a Suitcase

This has been an emotional weekend for Kim Kardashian. Last night, the season finale of her show with sister Kourtney's season finale aired showing her breaking down over the decision to end her 72 hr marriage to Kris Humphries. Just the night before that according to TMZ cops were called to her Beverly Hills.

Rerports indicate that a man with a suit case showed up at her gate and buzzed in saying Kim had flown him there to be with her. He said he was a part of her reality show. Sources say that the man had a suitcase and everything. Her securtity detail called the cops once the man refused to leave. The story is still developing, but it is rather scary. The mogulista sure has had an eventful weekend on many levels.  I hope this guys is taken seriously by authorities, thats a bold move. Sidebar- Did you guys believe Kim's breakdown last night??

Did You Miss This?: Lebron James Jumps OVER John Lucas for a Slam Dunk

Let's say you're not a basketball fan, and you really don't care much about the hype surrounding these games. Even you have to admit that seeing a grown 6 ft. 8 inch man jump over another 6 ft. man is a bit awe inspiring. Last night in a great game against my home team the Chicago Bulls, Lebron James did just that.

With an alley-oop from Wade...Lebron came flying -literally- over Bulls guard John Lucas for a spectacular slam dunk. The crowd of course went bananas! It really is something to see. The sheer audacity to jump that high is commendable, let alone in an attempt to score a basket AND over another man's head! Amazing!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Interview With the visually perfect Idris Elba!!

Every woman I know with any sense thinks this man is just perfectly made. He's gorgeous & has an accent (PLUS!) Anywho..he recently sat down with one of my favorite sites StyleBlazer.com for an interview with his stylist Rosie Philidor who had him set when it came around to her selections! Now we know why he always looks so great!

Check out the interview below (unfortunately the video doesnt like us, so just visit their site HERE and check it out!)   where Idris explains why fashion is so important..and you get to look at him do it. lol!

Lil Kim's Assistant Noel Says Nicki's Camp Is Full of It..Denies Any Letter

Kim & Nicki Pre Ego Days

Sigh..  rap beef still exists. Why? Im not sure, but it does. Got an email today from a reader asking if I knew anything about this recent episode of Queen B vs. Queen Barbie.. well I do. Didnt quite plan on blogging it..but....anything for the readers. So here it goes..A bit ago, the media reported that a letter had been sent out from Lil Kim's publicist stating that she had a statement that would discredit Nicki Minaj's entire career or whatever.

Well now, Kim's assistant is making it clear that there is no such statement being made.. and furthermore that the whole email thing was made up by Nicki  & her camp..

I am really..honestly.. and truly over this. Two things should be realized. When you're a gamechanger.. as Kim is.. why stoop and beef at all with the rappers you helped groom?! Everybody. Everybody who knows ANYTHING about Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim knows that Nicki's a product of what Kim & Fox started.

She took it and made it her own of course, but I recall when she first started out ( Mixtape Nicki) she always gave much homage & respect to Kim & Fox. Nicki should realize that at some point the name calling and all of that should end. A statement from either acknowledging the great accomplishments of the other would end this 6th grade name calling beef. Well.. theres that & my opinion.

UPDATE! Beyonce! Yall Are Wrong for That!

So, if youre like me, youre 1 of lets say over 2 MILLION people following Beyonce's official twitter handle. For the past couple of years its sat there with "crickets" on it because not 1 tweet had been sent out. Well..today that changed.  With 2 million people & fans antiicpating how the Queen B and new mom would use her twitter account...our timelines were flooded with... A HOUSE OF DEREON AD!

Yes! You read correctly! Not oh the babies fine, or thanks for following me for 25 yrs without a peep..but a Dereon ad. And to add injury to insult the company overtakes the twitter handle changing the name from Beyonce to HODMC & acquiring over 2mil followers immediately in the process-smart maybe. The Beyonce twitter name has been acquired by some lucky fan or.. music world posing as one.. who knows. Disappointing if you ask me. You think you're following Beyonce.. check again. lol SMH

Apparantly Beyonce's twitter was just hacked by House of Dereon as now, her name has been restored to her handle (but House of Dereon still lumes as the actual name of the twitter acct.) and the real House of Dereon page has tweeted this apology.

THIS is HILARIOUS on so many levels!

Society has our young people thinking that to be beautiful you must be flawless. I LOVE that someone has taken the time to make a big spoof out of that idea, because its the most ridiculous thing ever. Enjoy & share!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

SWEET Baby R&B Jesus! D'Angelo is BAAACK! & Ive got proof!

Tonight.. in Stockholm.. God answered prayers. There are a few artist that come around and they are SO good they dont have to put out any music to be revered. D'Angelo, 3000, Lauryn Hill... to name a few. D'Angelo disappeared from the scene for a few years. He stole the hearts of women around the world with this amazing video of himself shirtless for his hit single, Untitled, then showed up looking like a slob before almost completely disappearing.

Well! Im glad to say! He's back! & looking great! Wooooohooo! Im geeked..can you tell?  Um.. All of you so called R&B singers.. games.over.

New Music: Chris Brown- Turn up the Music

Chris Brown is back with another hit song off of his upcoming Fortune album supposedly dropping later this year. The mega star has been keeping fans up to date on whats happening with his album via twitter. The follow up album to his last project Fame is highly anticipated with features from the likes Nas & others!

Turn Up the Music is remeniscent of the dance music theme Chris gave us with Beautiful People. Check it out below.

What Really Happened to Demi Moore?

Actress Demi Moore was rushed to the hospital for exhaustion and treatment for substance abuse.  Many people have been concerned with Demi's health for a while now. She has been reportedly losing weight in an unhealthy manner for a while. Following her November split with husband Ashton Kutcher reports were  made in the media that friends and family were concerned with her health.

Monday night everyone's worst fears came to a head when she was rushed to the hospital after inhaling a street drug by the name of whip-it, this according to the friend that called the paramedics. Ironically, whip-it is not the "type" of drug you'd think someone of Demi's age and social status would be doing. Its a cheap nitrous oxide inhalant.

According to TMZ, Demi's friend who was with her at the time she did the drug said she passed out and had a seizure like episode following her inhalation of the drug. Her friend immediately called the paramedics who responded and took Demi in for treatment. Her daughter has been spotted pacing and smoking outside of the hospital, while her ex Ashton has been spotted but remained speechless when asked if Demi was ok.

Demi is still seeking medical treatment and reportedly entering rehab. Reports around the internet are that Demi spent the weekend partying away prior to being rushed to the hospital Monday night. A rep for her says she hopes to seek full treatment to become healthier for her family. I hope the best for her. Demi Moore is probably most known for her lead roles in GI Jane & the critically acclaimed film Ghost.

Kelly Rowland and Lance Gross Get All Kissy Face in New Video- Keep It Between Us

Lawd Hammersy! The beautiful Kelly Rowland is back with another single off of her album, this time its Keep it Between Us.. and she got another beautiful person..Lance Gross to play her love interest in the video for it. Women around the world will forever be grateful to her for doing that. Lance and all of his chocolateness is showing out in the vid which captures Kelly reliving moments she's shared with her boo (Lance). The song is beautiful ..the video is too!

We cant really get enough of Lance Gross..he's one of those people that you know God spent a wiiitttle more time on.  Whew.. peep the video..

Kelly Rowland - "Keep It Between Us" from Kelly Rowland on Vimeo.

Mary Mary's Erica & Husband Mega Producer Warryn Campbell Welcome Baby Girl!

This is one of my favorite couples in the industry! On January 24th half of the mega gospel duo Mary Mary, Erica married longtime boyfriend, songwriter/producer Warryn Campbell are new parents to their third child- 6 lbs 12 oz Zaya Monique Campbell!! In a statement Erica shared her families excitement.
feeling so thankful and so blessed to have our sweet Zaya finally make her grand entrance into the world! God is awesome, our family couldn’t be more happy than we are today!

The couple has been extremely busy in their professional lives over the past few years from Grammy Awards, TV Shows, and other incredible career highlights, but obviously not too busy for some family building ;)  During Erica's pregnancy she worked her tail off. She was always somewhere doing something until the doctor ordered her to chill out. You can't help it sometimes when youre a mommy about your business! I love it! According to a rep from myblock the two are overjoyed by their newest addition and Erica & Zaya are doing just fine!

 Their adorable oldest daughter Krista is already a little star! This is one of my favorite videos of her-its a MUST see!! Blessings to the Campbells and all of their future endeavors!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In Case You Missed It: 2012 State of the Union address

If you were too consumed with reality television last night, you missed President Obama's State of the Union Address in Washington. This was much more ambitious than the last address, as the president focused on economic inequality among Americans, job creation, energy, and education. And as usual, there was little to no applause from the Republican party. After the jump, check out the most profound statements!

Rihanna Gets Pac's infamous THUG LIFE Tattoo

Rihanna went on yet another picture spree last night/this morning. Rihanna, who we all know is a lover of a tat or two or twenty went out to get another. While there she ran into actor Danny Trejo who has an extensive criminal history, but turned it around...Rihanna was more than excited to see him.

Rih playfully drew the infamous thug life tattoo on her hands while there, but where and what she actually got tatted..we dont know yet.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Piece of History- The Original Red Tails (Photos)

© Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved.

How cool is this photo!? The entertainment world has been a buzz for weeks about this movie (that I blogged about months ago- peep it here ) So Im really happy to see it coming to fruition and doing extremely well!  The movie produced by the Mr. George Lucas boasts the first all black cast in a major film. Lucas footed the entire production cost on his own as major studios would not get behind a film with no major white roles he explained in an interview with the Daily Show.

To those studios' dismay not only did Lucas and cast produce an amazing film, but America has responded at the box office! Debuting this weekend at #2 with over 19 million viewers! POW! I thought the above picture was powerful as those are the actual men the movie was written about! Make sure you go see it & take your kids! This is such an entertainment and enriching history lesson! Kudos to Lucas and the whole cast & IN YOUR FACE to big hollywood!

Truth About Yandy & Jim Jones and a Love & Hip Hop Blind Item!

Yesterday the finale of Love & Hip Hop aired and the normal drama of the show was still in full effect. A question everybody has been asking all season though is, why is Jim Jones' former manager Yandy (far left) at such odds with Chrissy his fiancĂ© (center left)? It felt like every time they got into a dispute it was personal and intense. The question arose many times whether or not there is more going on  between Jim & Yandy than the show was prepared to document.

Well, recently producer of the show mogulista Mrs. Mona Scott Young visited Kandi's internet show- Kandi Koated Night (which I happen to blog for) and someone was bold enough to express what many people were thinking to her. She says she's heard it a few times, but as far as she knows they only have a working relationship. Not that she's actually spill that tea to anyone if it were true..Im inclined to believe her.

IN THE MEANTIME do I have some Werrrd on the sKreet for you BabyKayKs! A source has revealed to me that one of these ladies who's relationship has been profiled throughout the show is actually in full creep mode! My source says that one of the ladies has had a longterm relationship (outside of that with her rapper boyfriend). This is a credible source who says they've seen this Love & Hip Hop starlet with her side piece (who is also in the industry somewhat) many times! Any guesses as to which one of these ladies is the one being unfaithful in Love & Hip Hop!? When this breaks ...do NOT forget where you read it first. Now..theres my gossip post of the year. 

Love & Hip Hop's Emily-B in Kontrol Magazine

Emily B from Love & Hip Hop is showing much grace and beauty in her latest spread for Kontrol Magazine. The Magazine is featuring Emily in their upcoming Shape issue and for good reason. She looks great. Em's shoe game is great, so of course she shows that off..in what appears to be a pair of Charlotte Olympia leopard pumps & Louboutin Python booties.

Emily who is a stylist was loved and hated on the vh1 show Love & Hip Hop for her undying love & honesty in regards to her long...long term relationship with rapper Fabolous.  By seasons end, Emily had moved out on her own and started to value herself and her respect over trying to hold on to Fab. Im sure we'll be hearing a lot more from her now that Love & Hip Hop has aired.

Jim Carrey's Daughter Auditions for American Idol!

Randy, JLo & Steve were highly impressed the other night on American Idol when Jim Carrey's 24 yr old daughter walked into the audition room! JLo was totally shocked at how big she'd gotten since JLo's Flyy Girl days with Jim on In Living Color. 

Ironically Jane says she's a waitress and really is just trying to make her own mark in the world- which is why she's going the American Idol way. Does she actually have talent?! You be the judge!

CNN coverage below

Her full AI audition

James Wade debuts Prolific Video - Oscar Grant

It was the first day of 2009 when BART Police shot an unarmed man on a public transit train in the Bay Area. It was another fatal shooting of an unarmed Black man for reasons even the officer responsible couldn't explain. With Hip Hop always being the voice of the street a rapper that I love, James Wade was extremely moved by the unfortunate circumstances of this case. He was moved to record a record about it.

The video is pretty much a vigil for Oscar Grant and others who have been victims of ruthless violence. I grew up with James. He's always been a man aware of the cultural impression of Hip Hop, so when I heard this song and saw this video I wasn't at all surprised! Stay tuned for an exclusive with James and check out his latest mix tape, The Ugly Show hosted by DJ Benzi after you peep the Oscar Grant video below! You know they in the building cus the..Lights On ;)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Aw Man..."The wedding is off.."- Aretha Franklin

So, I was really..REALLY excited to blog that the Queen of soul, Ms. Aretha Franklin was due to marry her long time friend and colleague, Willie Wilkerson this summer. Well, according to People, Auntie Aretha is calling off the wedding. In a statement released to the press she nor Willie wanted to go into much detail about why, but made it clear that there will be no marriage, for now. 
"Regretfully, To Our Friends and Supporters: Will and I have decided we were moving a little too fast, and there were a number of things that had not been thought through thoroughly. There will be no wedding at this time. We will not comment on it any further because of the very personal and sensitive nature of it. We appreciate all of the many well wishes from friends."
They both signed off on the statement showing a unified decision (or so it looks). I was excited....maybe next time. lol 

New Usher Champagne in the works?!

Ursherbaby  has branded himself pre-tty well over the years. His cologne is impeccable! Ladies, Im sure you can agree. Well, now he's branching out to champagne! Champagne de Venoge is a company very interested in partnering with the swooner to launch a champagne as smooth as he is. 

Kanye Hits Stage in Australia

Kanye fans in Australia were made to wait on the star for 45 minutes before he showed up to perform his set at the annual Big Day Out concert. Dressed in his infamous Celine blouse that sold out due to him rocking it a little over a year ago. He's been spotted in it a few times and its still fresh to death! Thanks to Rap-Up we've got a few pics. Check them out after the jump.

Comedian Tracy Morgan Seeking Medical Attention in Utah

Comedian Tracy Morgan was rushed to the hospital last night after delivering what many claimed was a drunken acceptance speech. Morgan was honored at the Creative Coalition Spotlight Awards in Park City, Utah. Morgan was escorted out after his acceptance speech and passed out just outside of the building according to TMZ.

Friday, January 20, 2012

RIL: Etta James (January 25, 1938- January 20, 2012)

One of the most sensual & fiery warm voices we've ever heard passed away today. Etta James, who became more popular to this generation recently when Beyonce played her in the lead role of Cadillac Records and sang her hit " At Last " for President Obama & Mrs. Obama's first dance as a couple in office, was battling leukemia, Hep C, and a few other ailments. Known for her bold voice, personality, and staple blonde hair & dark eyebrows, Etta's fans adored everything about her. Her voice will never be duplicated and her classics will live on for the world to enjoy for years to come. Close friend and manager De Leon released these words to the press:
" This is a tremendous loss for the family, her friends and fans around the world. She was a true original who could sing it all -- her music defied category. I worked with Etta for over 30 years. She was my friend and I will miss her always."
James died just shy of her 74th birthday. My prayers go out to her family/friends. Hear one of her last performances of her classic hit "At Last" after the jump.

Um.. Why Are Tyrese & Chilli In Bed Together!?

No, your eyes do NOT deceive you! Thats Tyrese & Chilli of TLC all hugged up in that chair! lol Tyrese scored big as he got one of his self proclaimed "dreams" to come true by having Chilli play the lead role in his new video. The song, Nothing on You is my FAVE on his latest and highly acclaimed studio album, Open Invitation. The album boasts Tyrese's first number one single & album in his career.

Chilli is happy to be there too obviously. She and TBoz have been hard at work working on the TLC biopic to debut on Vh1. I cant wait for this video..absolutely love the song! Read on to check the cute tweets these two sent out today- one by Chilli,   
"On set about to get in bed with Tyrese...literally!"  

President Obama sings Al Green- Lets Stay Together

Tonight on a 2012 campaign stop to the famous Apollo Theatre in New York, the President felt inclined to share a few notes on the legendary stage! He'd heard that the equally legendary Al Green was there in support of him and wanted to pay homage! I love the POTUS! Such a regular guy for us regular people! He has a nice voice too no!? Get this guy a record deal!

Ahh! Guess Who is In the Studio with Chris Brown for Collab! (pics)

Chris Brown is currently working on the follow up album to his very succesful FAME album entitiled FORTUNE. He's been really excited to share with his fans what he is calling an incredible piece of work. He has a few great collaborations in the works. One being that of he and the Nasir Jones! Yesssss this is going to be epic! 

Who Said White Folk Dont Church!??

I saw this last night and fell out!! I grew up in the church, the predominantly black church though. Ive visited a few churches that were predominantly white or mixed and never really got the same experience. Well...................... this video changed whatever I thought the "white church" experience is. Just watch for yourself!!! Hopefully you dont fall out of your seat like I did around 1:10..........

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Amen Church: Brandy Sings His Eye Is On the Sparrow- Live

You know we Brandy fans are like little crack heads..trying to find any little bit of her voice we can to last us till our next hit! A few days ago a friend of mine put this video on their facebook of BRocka singing one of the most popular & profound gospel songs ever written. Brandy and her amazing voice sang -in what seems to be an impromptu performance- and leaves us with only 8 words to say.. the doors of the church are now open! LOVE this lady!

Pictures from Rihanna's PARADISE

Rihanna is taking a much MUCH needed break from working non stop and she's taken her fans with her via twitter. The "We Found Love" singer has been showing out lately on twitter. She's posted all sorts of things, from tweets about love and romance to smoking weed and photos of herself getting down to some Rick Ross. Rihanna is really enjoying her time off with her friends and family. Women like her deserve a break! Catch her exclusive pics of a bikini clad Rihanna after the jump!

Nick Cannon opens up on kidney failure

Nick Cannon is feeling better and speaks up on his recent hospitalization with "mild kidney failure" as his wife Mariah Carey put it. "They thought it was kidney stones ... then a kidney infection," Cannon said on his New York-based radio show. "They found out my kidneys weren't functioning well."

Whew Child

Im not really one of those women that pass out at the site of a muscle or two, but geewizz..you've got to be dead to not see the beauty in this guys' body. Its so definite. Makes you want to go learn your physiology of muscle structure! Ironically when I saw this the second thing I thought of was Chilli... she loves some abs & well Ursher baby Im sure she'd be proud! LOL (yall have to give me at least 2 Usher /Chilli mentions a year..this is my first this year! ) No..but yall KNOW how Chilli loves her some abs and a healthy body.. this is probably one thing they can still agree on..

 Just some eye candy for ya!

New Video- Key Swag #POOF

I gave you guys an exclusive Behind the Scenes look at the making of this video with the smallest but hottest artist to hit the scene, Key Swag! With cameos from some of everybody including teen hearthrobs Jacob Latimore, Jamal Harris, QT Jazz, Domani, & others! Check it out when you read on!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

EVE on A Ruff Ryders Reunion

TMZ caught up with Eve in New York and asked about her reuniting with the Ruff Ryders crew that brought you Swizz Beatz, DMX, and others. They were one of the tightest crews in rap music.

Eve says she hasnt seen  X since his most recent release from jail, but she expects a reunion at some point. I think it feels like it would work for sure. Check the video after the jump.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Guess Who: Which Celeb Says She Wants to be a Delta!?


This passed week/weekend people all over the world were celebrating a few Greek Founders Days. Deltas & AKAs took over spreading their love for their organizations. First up were the devastating Divas  of DST that we all love so much. It happens every year. Those of us who arent Greek sort of just prepare for it.

What I wasnt prepared for was seeing one of the celebs we all love tweet that she wants to be a Delta. Took me by surprise!  She's a legend in the game, not aging, and is currently working on a biopic.. any guesses?? Check her candid tweets after the jump!

Jay Z Speaks on his First Week as Dad!

The proud pop of Blue Ivy Carter has had one hell of a week! Just last Sunday wifey Beyonce gave birth to their daughter and it was obviously an emotional and lovely experience. Jay immediately dropped his tribute record "Glory", and friends of family of the couple immediately hit social media networks to congratulate the two and welcome the new baby girl to the world. Most people have been waiting to see what the power couples next move pertaining to little
Carter would be.

Singer Lloyd Sued.. AGAIN!

Well, the r&b swooner is looking at yet another lawsuit. This one stemming from the earlier case brought on by his former manager Joyce Irby. Irby sued Lloyd for breach of contract a bit ago. They handled it outside of court with Lloyd agreeing to pay her $200,000 and help her find another job. Well, Irby is back at Lloyd again according to TMZ because...he's only paid her $20,000 and she is still jobless.

Friday, January 13, 2012

EXCLUSIVE- Behind the Scenes Key Swag's POOF Video Shoot-Domani, Jacob Latimore, QT Jazz..

I was more than excited to go check out this little guy's video shoot the other night.  Directed by Cricket & the Rebel Star Media team..It was packed with some of the hottest up and coming acts to hit the scene. Rapper & son of TI Domani, the R&B sensation Jacob Latimore, Jawan Harris,  QT Jazz, Knerd Star, the Glow Girlz, Nickie Jon & many others came out to show support to Key on his shoot for his hit single POOF! Each artist came out & did their thing in the flyest way! If I were you, Id look out for every one of them. Key Swag held down his set and looked to be happy to have the support of his fellow young artists.

Key Swag shares the camera with Jacob Latimore! More pics & vid after the jump.

Billboards Editorial Director Speaks on Baby Blue Ivy Already on the Charts!

Beyonce and Jay Z are not only the new proud parents of a baby girl, but they have yet another reason to be proud of her! Editorial Director for Billboard feels the same way. "It's historical. The charts are almost 72 years old, so to be the youngest ever to chart is something," said Bill Werde on Blue Ivy's accomplishment. 

Blue snuck the title away from Jordy Lemoine, who was just 5 at the time debuted on the Billboard charts at No. 82 with "Dur Dur D'Etre Bebe!" ("It's Tough To Be a Baby!"). You ask how Baby Blue is credit on the track? Well, her cry is featured at the end of the record. That vocal contribution is enough for her to be credited on the record! Sweet right? If you've been living under a rock and haven't yet heard the beautiful song Jay Z made for her & with her hear it HERE!

New Music: Melanie Fiona- Wrong Side of a Love Song

Melanie Fiona is back with the same recipe that worked for her the last time. A song about love gone wrong. Fortunately for her that type of music is always in for women, so thats a plus. The record chronicles a woman who some how finds herself  on the "wrong side of a love song". Melanie's deep raspy voice is accompanied by a sweet ballad track. Do I LOVE it? No.. but you may.. check it after the jump.

Big Secret I Have to tell You Guys

So, I know I haven't been doing as many fashion posts as I used to..my apologies! What I have been doing is spending WAY too much time on a fashion blog that I love! I haven't shared it with you guys because its sort of my guilty pleasure. I know how you ladies out there are about being able to actually wear the stuff I post, and Im more so interested in the inspiration it gives me. So, this blog.. thestyleblogger.com is a guy.. who dresses for filth every single day! I honestly think he does it on accident at this point. lol

Dan Trepanier is a Colombia graduate with a degree in Psychology (woot woot) and by far one of the most impeccable senses of style Ive ever seen. Whether you're a woman or a man, you will love the site if you love fashion. So there it is. I guess I can't feel like I have one of the best kept secrets in fashion anymore.. go check him out! (He's a cutie patoootie too ladies ;)  )

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Robert Kardashian-STOP questioning Khloe's Kardashianism I AM the Father!

Recently The Kardashian sisters were hit in the face with a really disheartening claim from their deceased father's ex wife. Jan Ashley recently reported to tabloids that in private, Rob Kardashian told her that Khloe is not his daughter. This struck a chord with many because in recent episodes of the Kardashian's reality show, Khloe has in fact doubted that she is a blood Kardashian, and for what many perceived good reason. Khloe doesn't have some of the similar characteristics her siblings carry & her mom admitted to having an affair while married to her deceased father. Well, to that I say its not unusual for one sibling to reach faarrr back in the blood line and grab some beautiful and unique genes to play with :)

Non the less, Robert Kardashian today is seeming to speak from his grave to declare that Khloe is in fact his. TMZ has acquired court documents where Mr. Kardashian swore under oath that he had four biological children-which unless there is another Kardashian floating around somewhere that he produced, includes Khloe! These documents just presented an "in yo face" moment to his ex wife. Its a shame what people will do for a little shinola..smh (though I was secretly hoping during the time Khloe questioned her Kardashianism..that Bruce was revealed as her biological father..wouldnt that had been cool!??) I love Khloe..she's my favorite Kardashian and obviously a true one at that!

KKN Day!

So as you lovelies know..I am the official blogger for Kandi Koated Nights! Its  Thursday which means I have a blog recapping the show from last night live on their site Ahora! Last night was the premiere of Season 3 & the show was great! You can see exclusive pictures and get my take on what went down last night! See you over there! Go check it out loves-Click HERE!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jay Z's First Time Hearing Big Brother by Kanye Captured on Video

Ive always wondered  what Jay thought of Kanye's record about their relationship- Big Brother. I remember when I first heard the record. I felt so many different emotions. A combustion of appreciating Ye's admiration and being a bit disappointed in the way Kanye felt a little slighted by Jay.

In the below video, you see Jay & Kanye in the studio in 07' and Jay hearing "Big Brother" for the first time. He said he was holding his emotions together because the camera was rolling. It was clearly a sweet moment. Its always been clear that Kanye started out a fan of Jay Z's and just so happen to have the opportunity to work with him. Kanye should rest assured that he's his own man now though.. he's Yeezy!  I'm sure that makes Jay proud.

The video is a production being put together by Kanye's cousin  singer Tony Williams. It shows a lot of behind the scenes shots from the "Graduation" album period as well as some outtakes from Tony himself letting you in on how things went down according to him.

Check out Jay's reaction to Big Brother starting at 2:28.

If you've never heard Big Brother- check it out here.