Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WOW! Usher and Adele are Getting it in!?!?!??

These numbers are amazing! In a time when nobody is really supporting musicians and buying whole albums due to the ability to just buy songs they like from iTunes- Adele has managed to sell 5.28 million copies to date. Her album, 21, is the first album since Usher's Confessions to surpass the 5 million mark!! The album has had a series of incredible hit songs to dominate the charts themselves. 

 Back when Usher's Confessions album dominated the world people were just realizing how easily they could get music for free online via file sharing/illegal downloads. He still maintained to pull off the title of secoind top selling album of the decade. Confessions sold over 10 million copies and was certified diamond ..which is a rare occurrence these days, especially for r&b/hip hop artists.