Friday, December 9, 2011

Would You Buy a Cassie Album!?

Cassie hit the scene a few years back as this really pretty girl with a really ok voice. I remember hearing her live a couple of times and not being impressed, but thats not anything strange. Many people who come into the game need a little bit of time to get their live good singing together, lol. No shade I actually dug her records. Well now, Diddy's girl (literally) is back at it with King of Hearts a single for her next album I guess. Cassie & Diddy stopped by BET's 106th & Park yesterday to premiere the video! Diddy had lots of great things to say about Cassie as an artist and a person.

I wish her great success. She seems to have all of the makings of a great artist, she's GORGEOUS, has some talent on the mic, and has a swag all of her own for sure. Hopefully thats enough this time! Check the trailer out after the jump!


  1. I only like two songs by Cassie, but I wouldn't buy an album. Can't have a successful music career based on looks only. Just my opinion.

  2. I probably wouldnt buy her album...... But now i think about it, i dont hink i really buy anyone's album unless they selling it in a grocery store parking lot