Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So.. Beyonce is in Labor

The internet has been going bananas for like 3 days with rumors that Beyonce is currently in labor or set to give birth (any day now). Its been everywhere! The mother to be is currently pregnant with her and hubby Jay Z's baby and this may be the most anticipated birth since Jesus. Even we here at are guilty of watching her every move. Its just so exciting to see them share this moment. What we havent done here is report how far along she is or whether or not she is due any day now.
Ive watched other sites report her due date and details about her being checked into a hospital and such. Ive also watched the conspiracy theorists doubt whether she's pregnant at all. They accuse Beyonce of faking this whole thing. I dont believe she  is faking her pregnancy, but I do believe she is playing with our minds as to when she is actually due. If you pay attention to the timeline and different dates given, non of them make any sense. I believe she may have rocked some padding to make it less easier to know just how far along she is.

So with these reports suggesting she's actually in labor or on her way, I just would like to say..I have no clue! lol What I know for sure though is Jay Z-her husband- the guy who has been talking about children for years in his music and interviews was chilling at the Nets game last night. Which tells me.. no baby Carter is due any time THAT soon. Chill out people. I personally think the baby will be here in March ;)