Monday, December 19, 2011

PJ Morton signs to Young Money

WOWZERS! Looks like New Orleans is sticking together. One of the best things to come out of New Orleans- PJ Morton (writer, singer, musician, producer) just announced that he has signed to Young Money. The announcement follows a few other great career opportunities for PJ. His time with Maroon 5 has placed him in the minds and ears of fans he hadnt yet reached after his years of working in this business.  He made sure to be clear that he is still in Maroon 5, "double duty" he calls it.

This announcement is probably a surprise to most fans. They are probably wondering just as I am how much of PJ's artistry will have to change after signing to a label such as YM. Fans of PJ's music know and love it because it is unique and he's done so well over the years -branding his sound and image. Im pretty sure we can count on that part of his artistry to stay. Congrats to PJ & my girlie Kortni. This is great news!