Monday, December 19, 2011

Kanye poses with Mary Kate (or Ashley) & Chats it up with Mannie Fresh (Vid)

Most people know who Mannie Fresh is from the Cash Money era. You know, the Bling Bling & Back that Thang Up    days well, supposedly he's a legend in the game to many young producers coming up. In Kanye's latest Voyr video he's featured in a room with some of music's dopest producers right now and in walks Mannie. They all seem to have a great appreciation for the work he's done and he seems to genuinely be proud of them. Mannie Fresh makes sure to lay down  some ground rules that will most likely help the producers go far in the game. I thought it was way cool to see all of that talent in one room. Check out the video after the jump for more Kanye! This video had lots of cameos.. you'll notice Mary Kate and Ashley appearing at a party w/ Kanye.