Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ke$ha Like you've never heard her before- Covers Bob Dylan's Dont Think Twice

Ke$ha known for her grungy almost dirty appearance and rap-like approach to pop music, was surprisingly summonsed to cover a Bob Dylan classic for Amnesty International. Amnesty International is an organization that fights for human rights around the world. What most of her fans know is that Ke$ha has long been a huge Dylan fan. If you are like most other people you would immediately doubt her ability to do anything with a record of this type.  The idea of Ke$ha singing a slow and delicate ballad... some of you may say, the idea of Ke$ha singing at all is too much of a stretch. Well, see for yourself after the jump. Also check out her brief Rolling Stone interview where she discusses getting emotional while recording this song.

Well, I know from past music from her that she actually can dumb down the extra hard edge and sing a beautiful melody in a ballad. This is the second video Ive seen of her singing a song like this. I personally think she should really do more of these and maybe put an album out with some of the like on it!

Ke$ha admits in the below video with Rolling Stone that the whole experience was really emotional for her.

Credit Also check this cover out, you probably wouldn't expect Ke$ha to have a singing voice:

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