Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fans react to Chris Brown & Rihanna Subweets

How long this will go on, no one knows. What seems to be absolutely obvious though is that for the past few months, Rihanna and ex Chris Brown ( & his mom) have been tweeting things that seem to correspond. In the world of twitter when you tweet someone but dont directly mention them we refer to that as "subtweeting". A lot of that seems to be going on with these two.

Mentions of love and missing one someone from one of their accounts is oddly closely followed by the same from the other's acct. Take the above tweet from earlier today for example. Not  fans are going crazy on twitter about the  possibility of a reunion between these two..

There are hundreds more tweets where those came from. Very few in protest of what seems to be an unavoidable reunion between these two young lovers. I personally wouldnt mind seeing a rekindling, just because I believe people can get better. I think both of them need some sense of closure and they have to find that on their own. Only time will tell I guess