Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Everybody Ke$ha's Sleazy Remix 2.0 is Missing

The internet went CRAY yesterday when Ke$ha released this Sleazy 2.0 remix. It was as if the Hip Hop Gods had answered everyone's prayer for a hit record. My timeline on twitter, facebook, and even my email inbox were all hit with non-stop Ke$ha info. It is to be expected though, being that she got some of Hip Hops biggest and most respected names on the bill. She grabbed Wayne, Wiz, TI &  3 Stacks! Most Hip Hop lovers would be satisfied with that line up right? There is someone for everybody..unless youre me I guess.

The first thing I thought when I first heard the remix was man.. this wouldve been an epic female MC  collaboration. I mean, I know the mainstream female MC world is hanging on by the hairs of Nicki Minaj these days, but Ke$ha couldve pulled them out of the wood work. Think about it, when was the last time a group of female MCs got together on a banger? Males do it all of the time. Im sure its not ALL fun and games when they get together, there has to be some ego shoving going on, but they make it happen.

Female MCs just wont seem to make that happen. You have- Nicki, Brat,  Kim (who probably wouldnt want to be on a track right now with Nicki..but...), Trina, Diamond, the incomparable Missy Elliot, and a few others a bit more off of the radar that couldve jumped on this track. I think as long as Missy & Nicki were a go- it would have worked! Call it wishful thinking, but I feel like it would have been an even bigger conversation piece being that female MCs are not really representing unity like that anymore. I know a few young ladies in Atl by the name of Gauge (remember their cypher?) who would smash this track.. and they arent even signed to a major label. They'd smash it for free! I may have to put a request in to make my dreams of an all female collab come true.

Im not the only person that thought the mix lacked a bit.  I discussed the remix with a good friend of mine, Creative Director of JStreet Branding and hip hop connoisseur Julian Street- who immediately said he liked it. He followed that statement with, "odd enough I'd love to hear Jeezy or Ye on it." & I'd have to agree with him. There isnt much you can put Ye on that he wouldnt make better. So, Im with JStreete on that, but I'd still have preferred some girl power.

Dont get me wrong, the record is a club banger for sure. Its definitely going to rock the radio and club scene out! Im not hating on the track- I actually like it. I like the mixture of rappers on it, and of course the beat goes so its a blast to listen to. I'm in no way disregarding its hotness, but I am saying that I feel it wouldve been unstoppable had Ke$ha grabbed every female MC instead of every male one. Ehhh thats just my opinion though. Peep it below and you decide.

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