Monday, December 12, 2011

Chris Brown & His Girlfriend in Dubai! (Pics)

So TeamBreezy is going crazy over these pics of Chris Brown & gf model Karrueche in Dubai. Chris was actually there on business, but it looks like he & friends made the best of being in such a beautiful place. They released personal photos from their time there, and it looks like theyre having a ball! I wonder if the person who wrote me mad that Toya Wright is taking her husband to Dubai for his bday- is also mad about these 2 being in Dubai? Really folks, lets chill on the hater emails.

 We're starting to see more and more pics of these two out and about. Check a couple more pics after you read on. I also got a cute little video of Karrueche and friends jamming to some Rihanna- I'll share it this week.
Click photos for larger images.

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