Friday, December 23, 2011

Beyonce Loves her Alexander McQueen..Preggers or Not

We've been able to sort of keep up with Bey's pregnancy and I hope you guys are enjoying my efforts lol. I feel kinda stalkerish trying to always have the latest picture or whatever, but I dont mind that. This is the FLYEST pregnant woman to walk the face of the earth. I mean, its not like we didnt anticipate her being fly while she is expecting, its just the fact that she is doing it with such ease. Im sure she's over the cameras and such though. We're all just really excited for her and Jay!

Bey was spotted out and about rocking (Id venture to bet) one of her all time favorite designers almost head to toe. In what is considered casual for Beyonce, she wore a cute black leather jacket with a simple black blouse,  Alexander McQueen Ocelot printed leggings, topped off by of course a pair of McQueen heels- the Buckled Platforms to be exact..werrrk mama! She's so cute! 

FYI if you RUN to now you can get these shoes 40% off! Merry Christmas or something..