Friday, December 9, 2011

Amber Rose's Latest Photo Shoot- Has she lost a bit of her wow factor?

Amber Rose's photo Photo 3 xoxo :-)

Amber Rose tweeted out these pictures last night from her WhoSay site..of a photo shoot she recently did. As always she is naturally beautiful and model-esque as ever. Im wondering though, is it just me or has she lost a weee bit of her presence in fashion? I have always rooted for Amber mainly because Ive appreciated her ability to be herself amidst so much controversy & hate, but I also just loved her fashion sense.

Even when some of you have inboxed or commented about a story I've posted questioning her relevance, I've stood by my ideas that her sense of style makes her very relevant. In recent months we've seen her do some heart touching work over in Africa and speak out on the prejudice & judgment she faces on a daily for just being herself. All of that is good and I still feel that she has a lot to offer, but I cant shake the feeling- that for some reason- she used to be way more fly than as of late..........just me? Maybe..

Amber Rose's photo Photo 2 :-)Amber Rose's photo Photo 5 muah :-)
Amber Rose's photo Photo 6 :-)Amber Rose's photo Photo 4 :-)

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  1. Wow I thought the same thing! She looks great, but there is nothing really special about the pics.