Saturday, December 24, 2011

112s Q Parker Covers Boys II Men / Brian McKnight "Let It Snow"

Its Christmas EVE!! Absolutely my favorite time of the year. The celebration of Christ, great time with family and friends, great food, and great music! One of my fave classic Christmas records is Boys II Mens Christmas album. My mom got it the moment it came out and it sort of added some "modern day" to her extensive Motown and classic Christmas collection she couldnt wait to start playing every year! One of the songs I really liked on that album was, Let it Snow.

 It's probably one that everybody loves. Well, heres a reason to love it even more! Q Parker of 112 chose it as his last QVersion of the year!  Some of you have been keeping up with his remakes of songs over the past few months. He's been blazing Q does every time he sings something. Check it out after you read on!