Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Usher's Baby Bro In Jail for Child Abuse?!

Sigh.... this saddens me. I think about little Lackey all of the time and where he is, because I dont ever hear anything about him. You know it can be difficult to live under the shadow of a superstar sibling. So, much to my dismay I received a tip this morning answering my long lost question of where he is. To find out this morning that he was arrested for allegedly abusing his girlfriend and cruelty to a child, and reckless conduct.. is just too much for me.

 I blog this with the understanding that people are arrested all of the time for things they really didnt do.. trust me, I know. So I hope these claims are not true, and that he's doing well. Usher & crew have said nothing of the arrest. James was released on bond almost immediately (of course).

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