Monday, November 28, 2011

Rihanna Calls Beyonce During Tour Meltdown!?

According to MTV UK.. everybody's favorite Bajan Rihanna may just be working a little too much. The word is that Rih Rih is exhausted from her non stop 101 date tour she's been on. Its reported that just before her Dublin show a few days ago, the platinum artist suffered a meltdown that almost caused her to not go on with it.

UK media The Sun reported that the 23 yr old she made a "tearful" call to Beyonce, who encouraged her to continue with the set. The source says Beyonce knows that Rihanna need a break before she burns out. Im not sure how much of that is true, but it wouldnt surprise me at all. Beyonce is a vet in the game and fresh off of a year break herself. She knows now more than ever the importance of taking some time off, and we all know Rihanna has been working extremely hard for a few years now. We also know she likes to have a good time, and doing a lot of both is exhausting for sure!

I hope she is taking a break when/as she needs it!


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