Monday, November 21, 2011

Reginae Carter Celebrates her 13th bday w/ her family & friends! Her little bros too!

What a beautiful little girl! Reginae turned Atlanta out for her 13th birthday ball here this passed weekend. Her parents & Godfather Birdman went all out for her! I wasnt personally there, but a few pictures surfaced on the internet and a couple ended up in my inbox thanks to some of you over active BabyKayKs :)

This one is my favorite one above because it shows the sincere love of a Daddy's girl! The Who's Who of Atlanta showed up to share in Nae's celebration..which was complete with a carriage, Knight in Shining Armor ( her little brother Dwayne III), and a wardrobe change! Do it girlie!

Shout out to Joi Pearson for her amazing photography work! After the jump check out more pics of Reginae, her fabulous mom Toya, Wayne, 2 of Nae's 3 little brothers and their fabulous mommies as well!

Reginae (looking just like her mom!) & her Knight little brother Dwayne III- tooo cute!

Nae gets down with brother Neal's mom Nivea, Rasheeda, and her mom Toya

Lookie there..rare pic of Wayne & Niv's son Neal.. hey little man!

Little Dwayne escorts the lovely Toya into the room ..


  1. kayki why didnt u go arent u friends with them? toya so pretty and sarah is to

  2. That little girl is spoiled as hell. I hope her parents know they creating a monster.

  3. Anon- Im not sure who youre referring to exactly, but Im not friends with them lol..Ive met Toya a few times, but I dont know her like that. Niv & I have mutual friends, so we've chilled a bit. Now I do know Sarah-she's good people. To answer your question I think Toya invited folks she actually knows.:)

    Bre- Ive actually met Reginae and I have heard lots about her. She's a very sweet little girl. I think her parents are doing a great job.

    Thanks for the comments guys! xo

  4. big ups to toya she welcomes all the bbys i love it