Monday, November 14, 2011

Frank Ocean Debuts "Disillusioned" Live

The super talented singer songwriter who recently took the world by storm via mixtape has given his fans a couple of new songs to obsess over. While at the infamous XOYO in London he premiered a couple of new records to a live & intimate audience. The guy is super talented and has his own thing going on, he's in his own lane.  Many people are waiting anxiously for an album from this guy. Ocean wrote Beyonce's Miss You on her latest album and has been behind the scenes for a minute in the game. His mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra took the music world by storm and proved to his many naysayers that people actually are interested in his style of music. Check his new headband & the new song Disillusioned after the

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  1. He's def an underground maybe soon to be mainstream genius.