Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Beyonce Explains the meaning of "Dance For You" on Behind the Scenes Video Shoot

Bey was up and at them till about 6 am working on the video for her sultry record Dance For You. In the vid..she's giving fans a very classic 1940s appeal. Its predominantly a very sexy and sultry solo performance by her. In the  behind the scenes footage after the jump- you see her working hard on her routine and editing well into the morning. In true Beyonce fashion she's working her tail off. She does admit she's a bit tired, but in the same breath asks to see the playback-work ethic on a trillion!

Beyonce's narration of the footage gives fans an idea of exactly what Dance For You is about ..
Dance for you is about giving yourself fully to one person. Its about being able to lose control with the person youre meant for.

Allllriiightt lol! It also looks like she's expecting  in this shoot as well. You know Beyonce has a killer body & I dont see her wearing that big puffy blue thing if she werent expecting. Check the behind the scenes vid after the jump! Oh & yes ladies and gents.. this is another Terius Nash record.

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