Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cant Wait?!- First Episode of TI & Tiny's The Family Hustle

I guess someone at VH1 got impatient! The hit show is set to aire on the 5th of December & Im sure its gonna be a great show! The first episode of TI & Tiny's highly anticipated reality show has hit their site...and of course I've got it for you here! Check it out & be sure to tune in to the show!

Beyonce Explains the meaning of "Dance For You" on Behind the Scenes Video Shoot

Bey was up and at them till about 6 am working on the video for her sultry record Dance For You. In the vid..she's giving fans a very classic 1940s appeal. Its predominantly a very sexy and sultry solo performance by her. In the  behind the scenes footage after the jump- you see her working hard on her routine and editing well into the morning. In true Beyonce fashion she's working her tail off. She does admit she's a bit tired, but in the same breath asks to see the playback-work ethic on a trillion!

Justin Bieber & Jaden Smith are "Thinkin About You"

Aww these two are so adorable! Geez. The two friends collaborated on this record much to their bazillion fans' delight. It sounds great..real grown up.. but great!

Check it after the jump.

Facebook settles feds over privacy settings

How do you feel about Facebook's privacy settings? Too little or too much? Well, the social networking site is settling with the Federal Trade Commission over charges it deceived consumers with its privacy settings to get people to share more personal information than they originally intended to.

Tameka (Usher's Ex wife) Files for Full Custody of Sons

Its been reported that Tameka Raymond filed documents in GA on Monday to have a judge revoke her ex husband Usher's joint custody. The two married in 2007, but the relationship soon ended seemingly amongst loads of chaos. The drama of it all appeared to have settled down in recent days, but that may just be wishful thinking.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Comedian Patrice O'Neal dead at 41

No, not again. Another celebrity has passed away this month. Patrice O'Neal died Monday night from complications of a stroke he suffered in October, first reported by media outlets this morning.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Rihanna Calls Beyonce During Tour Meltdown!?

According to MTV UK.. everybody's favorite Bajan Rihanna may just be working a little too much. The word is that Rih Rih is exhausted from her non stop 101 date tour she's been on. Its reported that just before her Dublin show a few days ago, the platinum artist suffered a meltdown that almost caused her to not go on with it.

Nicki Minaj Is the "Female Weezy" in New Y U Mad Video

Nicki means business on this Y U Mad track. She's taking the high road- of being honest, lest any female rappers want to come for her..she's getting things straight. She's got her home team YMCMB Birdman & Weezy on the track, which is always a good collaboration.

Nicki starts the record with, "I am the female Weezy.." and well.. in the video she actually dresses up like him. lol Check it after the jump.

Finally- Some New Music From Jazmine Sullivan

Ive been waiting on this lady to come with something, because I engaged in a "tweetvo" with her a bit ago that made em a little nervous! The convo was about her wanting to quit the music game. heard me correctly. Like, huh? No ma'am..thats not an option for you! This girl's voice is amazing. Its been amazing since she was like 11!

This new track, My Career addresses the conflict of having a career and a relationship. Its classic J Sullivan music.. check it after the jump!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Chicago Pastor Camping out on Motel Roof for 21 Days

Spectators visit Pastor Brooks' home for the next 21 days

Pastor Corey Brooks of New Beginnings Church is making a bold statement and with great cause. Often known to take the radical yet realistic approach in ministry, Pastor Brooks & his congregation have had enough of the violence plaguing the church's south side Woodlawn and Englewood communities . While attending a Thanksgiving Day service at his church yesterday he skyped in from the roof top of the motel across the street to give words of encouragement to his congregation..yes the roof top!

Rihanna Visits Home (Barbados) in TTT Promo vid narrated by Jay Z!

On Thanksgiving Day Rihanna, fresh off of the release of her highly anticipated Talk that Talk album released a video on WhoSay that undoubtedly shows Rihanna Navy what she is most thankful for. In the video- narrated by Jay Z, Rihanna takes a trip home to Barbados and is captured sharing some very private and special moments with her family.

Rihanna speaks to her little brother about the importance of balance in life and shares a special moment with her Grandmother! Check the full video when you read on! 

Ale Alejandro..Ingelmo that is... Thank you for these.

A few celebs have been spotted around rocking Alejandro Ingelmo's work...and can you blame them!?? Ugh.. this F/W 2011 line has literally made me want to cry. The funky shapes, colors, and textures make for LOTS of fun and incredible fashion. Im really and simply in love. Can I  hashtag sigh here?..... #sigh They can be yours (or an incredible gift to me) for about $1050.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shade Alert: Beyonce- no Queen in Keri Hilson's Eyes...

Speculation arose a few years ago that Keri Hilson (right) has it out for Beyonce (left). Now I know this sounds absolutely absurd, but, Im afraid its true. A couple of years ago Keri released her own version of Beyonce's Diva that seemed to diss Bey and the internet went crazy! I heard it..I thought it was a bit much, but I didnt bother to pay it much attention after that.

Well it seems as though Juicy Magazine gave Keri another opportunity to show the world how much she loves Beyonce-or no. I can only smh at what happened.. The video is self explanatory...Check it when you read on.

Justin Bieber takes paternity test...but WHY?!?

If this so-called paternity case against Justin Bieber is in doubt, then why would the 17-year-old pop sensation give in and take a paternity test?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Daddy Daycare Again-Usher spotted w/ Little Cuties Cinco & Naviyd

One of our favorite dads Usher Raymond was MIA for the AMAs Sunday. Im sure, much to the disappointment of his extremely engaged fan base. These pictures arose on eonline of him -taken this weekend with his 2 little ones Usher (Cinco) & Naviyd, so Im sure his fans will give him a pass for being on Daddy duty!

Usher did actually win the award for favorite male soul/R&B artist at the AMAs even in his absence.. more pics of him & the little ones after the jump! Wait can we pause just a  moment for Usher in this Givenchy jacket, and a pair of our fave KayKi's Closet Balenciaga Sneaks.. I dont know.. somewhere in between Chilli, marriage, and kids.. Ursher Baby "don grEwed up"! Handsome! lol 

Im in Maison-uh- Martin Margiela #HovVoice

I spotted these bad babies on one of my favorite sites yesterday-the life files.. and had to post them..just for their audacity!!!!! Insane! These are Maison Martin Margiela's SciFi Sneaks for guys. Pretty dope right?! Yeesh..Love these.. now their price...................................................................... lol

Monday, November 21, 2011

Reginae Carter Celebrates her 13th bday w/ her family & friends! Her little bros too!

What a beautiful little girl! Reginae turned Atlanta out for her 13th birthday ball here this passed weekend. Her parents & Godfather Birdman went all out for her! I wasnt personally there, but a few pictures surfaced on the internet and a couple ended up in my inbox thanks to some of you over active BabyKayKs :)

This one is my favorite one above because it shows the sincere love of a Daddy's girl! The Who's Who of Atlanta showed up to share in Nae's celebration..which was complete with a carriage, Knight in Shining Armor ( her little brother Dwayne III), and a wardrobe change! Do it girlie!

Shout out to Joi Pearson for her amazing photography work! After the jump check out more pics of Reginae, her fabulous mom Toya, Wayne, 2 of Nae's 3 little brothers and their fabulous mommies as well!

In Case You Missed It- Chris Brown Performs My Fave Song from FAME

From the onset of Chris' "Comeback" album entitled F.A.M.E..I loved the song All Back. I felt it..the lyrics are amazing and I loved his delivery. So I was uber excited to witness him perform it on the AMAs last night. He gave a pretty good vocal performance accompanied by an amazing band and some SANGIN' bgvs.

Following All Back he went into another fave on the album, Say It With Me..and danced our lives away as only he can do! Peep the full performance after the jump..

Nicki Minaj Sings For AMA Opener & Gets Emotional Accepting Award

Nicki Minaj opened the AMAs last night with the David Guetta..dressed w/ two speakers serving as her back side- she rocked the crowd in a way Im sure they werent expecting! From the very beginning of her mainstream career she's made it clear that she wants to do it all. So it wasnt a surprise at all to me for her to open the AMAs show singing instead of rapping. 

She had a great night following the standing O she received from the crowd. She took home two AMAs..favorite artist and best album for her debut "Pink Friday". Accepting the latter of the two Nicki got a wee bit emotional..

"This one could actually make me cry...I can't believe this is happening."
Awww. She's worked really hard and come soooo far...remember the earlier Nicki Minaj posts BabyKayKs??! Check her performance when you read on!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Rihanna Rocks a Snuggie and talks relationships on Ellen

Rih Rih stopped by Ellen to discuss her HIGHLY anticipated album Talk that Talk out in 3 days! She tells Ellen on relationships:
I like men that are more aggressive but mysterious but I like a man to be very sure, I like them to be sure of themselves and know that you’re the man.
she continued..
'I’m the lady and the only way for us to make this work is for us to play our roles.
..You know, I can’t really be the man for you. I don’t want to have to be. I’m the man at work all the time.
More of her interview and pics of her in her Snuggie after the jump! lol

New Music: Beyonce & Mary J- Love a Woman

Oh Im sure this makes a LOT of fans very happy. Queen Mary & King Bey have paired up for the first time on a song set to be released on Mary's album. I heard Bey sent the song to Mary who was confused as to why Bey didnt want it. She reached out and Bey was basically like, I want to stay on it, I just want you to get on it thats cool! Check it out after the jump.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bullet Hits White House.. Warrant Issued For Suspected Shooter

Wow........... This is scary, no? A bullet was stopped by the ballistic glass shield surrounding a window of the White House. Secret Service said they'd also found another bullet in another area of the White House. Though they say there are no specific concerns that this was an assassination attempt of any sort, but it still makes you safe is our first family really?!

This story is still developing, but they are considering the bullets to be linked to a shooting on Friday near the National Mall. The suspect is Oscar Ortega-Hernandez, a 21 yr. old with legal issues in 2 other states. A warrant has been issued for his arrest. Crazy.Check the report from local news below.

Usher's Baby Bro In Jail for Child Abuse?!

Sigh.... this saddens me. I think about little Lackey all of the time and where he is, because I dont ever hear anything about him. You know it can be difficult to live under the shadow of a superstar sibling. So, much to my dismay I received a tip this morning answering my long lost question of where he is. To find out this morning that he was arrested for allegedly abusing his girlfriend and cruelty to a child, and reckless conduct.. is just too much for me.

 I blog this with the understanding that people are arrested all of the time for things they really didnt do.. trust me, I know. So I hope these claims are not true, and that he's doing well. Usher & crew have said nothing of the arrest. James was released on bond almost immediately (of course).

Co-sleeping ads in Milwaukee causing a stir

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is battling a high infant mortality rate, with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) being the second leading cause. Provocative campaign ads from the city's health department are shocking to most, while it raises an important issue. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

If you had ANY doubt Bey's Baby Jayonce is Real...This post is for you :)

I just got these pictures of Beyonce & Baby Jayonce playing family photogs this morning in Miami in an email! For all of the nay sayers and conspiracy theorists who wouldnt believe water is wet in a shower and dont believe she's really expecting.. check her huge baby bump in this see through bikini top after the jump!

This Day in History TLC Releases 11 x platinum Crazy Sexy Cool

According to RIAA TLC's Crazy Sexy Cool is the top selling female girl group album in all of American History. Coming in at a wopping 11 x platinum, the album set the bar and established TLC as a group that will forever go down in history. These ladies have been imitated seemingly every other year by a girl group hoping to fill their shoes. With their girl power & blunt approach to music, they were able to give girls confidence and encouragement to be who ever they are. Though many groups have come and gone and one even has come close to the numbers.. they or this album have yet to be duplicated! So..Happy 17th CrazySexyCool b-day TLC & Fans. RIL Lisa "Left Eye"

NYPD Raids Zucotti Park & Evacuate OWS -Vid

Photograph: John Minchillo/AP

This is disheartening footage. The Occupy Wall Street movement has been solid and holding in parks around country as protesters seek to disassemble the nature of big business. At the movements core is the idea that big business profits more and more while the everyday person struggles more and more. The movement for the most part has been peaceful and well structured. In some locations, protesters developed miniature communities. They had doctors, mail service, and even food areas. It is quited commendable actually. They used their actual bodies, voices, and own resources to speak out against the injustice that most of us face everyday, whether we notice or not. We are all the 99%.

Last night the NYPD raided one of the above mentioned parks, Zucotti in NYC. Many of my NYC folks began to tweet about seeing a monstrous numbers of police moving through their neighborhoods. Soon we all realized that it was the NYPD pounding down on the peaceful protesters. Below you'll find some of the disturbing footage of the evacuation.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Jay Z & Rihanna at it again with Talk that Talk

Another song from Rihanna much anticipated new album, Talk that Talk has recently hit the Internet. Whats so special about this one!? Its the title track for one, but most importantly it features the Ri's BOSS Man... Jay Z! "I talk big money, I talk big homes/ I sell out arenas, I call that getting dome.." he raps at the top of the song just before Rihanna kicks in the hook.

 My fave rapper hasnt collaborated w/ Ri since Umbrella and now he's back w/ this verse on Talk that Talk. Rihanna's fans are insane! They pretty much keep her songs number one ..I believe she's had 11 consistent number 1 records and Im sure this album's singles will be no different. The title track is a Stargate & Ester Dean jam.. and her fans Im sure will love it. Check it after the jump!

Frank Ocean Debuts "Disillusioned" Live

The super talented singer songwriter who recently took the world by storm via mixtape has given his fans a couple of new songs to obsess over. While at the infamous XOYO in London he premiered a couple of new records to a live & intimate audience. The guy is super talented and has his own thing going on, he's in his own lane.  Many people are waiting anxiously for an album from this guy. Ocean wrote Beyonce's Miss You on her latest album and has been behind the scenes for a minute in the game. His mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra took the music world by storm and proved to his many naysayers that people actually are interested in his style of music. Check his new headband & the new song Disillusioned after the

Friday, November 11, 2011

OMGee Look Who Snuck into Kanye & Jay Z's Concert!!

Jay & Kanye gave a surprise performance at the Victoria Secret fashion show this week and you'll never believe who snuck in!!!! Well.. maybe you will! Beyonce and Baby Jayonce were spotted sneaking in to the show as Jay & Kanye hit the stage. Bey looks amaaay!!!!! So cute! More pics after the jump! s/o to Global Grind for the pics! 

Salute to The Veterans Today & Why It falls on 11.11

I would like to send a huge THANK YOU to every Veteran who has served this country. I can only imagine what many have chosen to endure for the sake of the idea of freedom we'd like to think this country upholds. I really appreciate all of their sacrifice.

Today I learned a bit of history as to the significance of this date. You have to go aaalll the way back to the Cold War. The United States and its allies were advancing pretty well against Germany, but to no avail. Finally on November 11, 1918 Germany had decided that enough was enough and they ceased fire. This brought an end to WW1 and America began to celebrate 11.11 as Armistice Day, that is until as you should know a second World War began int he late 1930s.

So, Congress decided to scratch the name Armistice Day & go with something more generic that would honor all of the men (now women) who serve our country! This is how we got our token "Veterans Day" holiday. So theres your US World History moment and why we celebrate Veterans Day on 11.11 every year. Again Salute to out Vets!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nia Long Welcomes 2nd Son

Nia Long and her boo basketball player Ime Udoka welcomed her second, but their first son Kez Sunday Udoka on Monday! Nia's oldest son Massai is 10 years old! We've all been loving her pregnancy as she's been photo'd many times over the passed 9 months or so! She's just gorgeous preggers or not! Congrats to the new family!!!

JayZ Rocs my Fave "Jesus Is Lord" shirt again

Jay was seen chilling in NYC while on his stop there for the WTT tour! Ive posted him in this shirt a few times before, but you can never get enough of Jay right? Plus I just like the idea of the confused looks on the faces of the conspiracy

The WTT record has recently gone platinum while Jay & Yeezy are enjoying an epic turn out for whats being noted as an incredibly amazing tour. Jay has had a bit of company on the road as his expectant wife Beyonce has been hitting a few cities with him!

Jay rocks this Givenchy, "Jesus is Lord" shirt all of the time..starting to think its one of his faves too!

Promo Pic- TI & Tiny: The Family Hu$tle Reality Show

Wow! I didnt realize it was this many kids between them! The power couple has let cameras into their home for somewhat the second time (as Tiny was half of the hit BET show Tiny & Toya) show exactly how they manage to stay on top of their game. The show airs on VH1 actually December 5th. You guys know Im not really big on reality shows, but this one may be a good one to watch!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Joe Paterno to resign from Penn State at season's end

Amid a sex abuse scandal that has rocked the Penn State University football team, embattled head coach Joe Paterno announced he will resign at season's end this afternoon, according to a USA Today report.

KayKi Cosign: The Corner Grille Downtown College Park!

I remember the first visit I made to The Corner Grille. It was after having their food at a meeting one morning for work. We were all so impressed. I promised I'd go by and check out the place for myself. The first thing I noticed was how relaxing it is inside! It's like stepping into a coffee shop or something. Nothing is more comforting to a blogger, or a person who needs to be able to sit and write anything for that matter, than an atmosphere like the Corner Grille's!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Heavy D Has Passed Away

I am heart broken to confirm that rapper/actor & legend Heavy D has passed away today. Id like to bet that he is one of the catalysts for hip hop becoming main stream and crossing over. It was voiced by the legendary  Grandmaster Flash today on twitter...then echoed by the well respected journalist dream hampton, but of course no one wants to believe such a thing.

It is reported that the cops were called to his home in California and upon arrival he was alive and speaking, TMZ is reporting that he died shortly thereafter. An investigation is ongoing.

Ironically his last tweets were RIP to Boxing legend Joe Frazier who passed away just yesterday.  My prayers go out up for his family. I believe he has a little girl, my heart aches for her. He was 44.


Yiiikes! 14 yr. old Bieber Fan Threatens to Kill His Ex girlfriend-Warrant Issued

What is this world coming to!??? TMZ has acquired a search warrant that was filed against a 14 yr old Kentucky girl. The girl used social media site tumblr to put out her messages of death and hatred for Justin Bieber's ex Caitlin Beadles. She also dislikes JB's current girlfriend Selena Gomez, but most of the commentary was directed towards Beadles. The JB stan went as far as a detailed plot on how she was going to kill Beadles with a knife, and how Beadles, "..wont know whats coming.". Scary! Further investigation revealed that the young girl is a special needs individual, and theyve just asked her mother to keep a closer eye on her while she's on the internet. Wow.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Jury in Michael Jackson Case Reaches Verdict

It was a little over 2 years ago that the world seemed to stand still at the announcement that one of the greatest ...arguably the greatest entertainer of all time-THE King of Pop, Michael Jackson had died. There was immediate speculation behind the sudden death as he was about to make one of the biggest returns to music anyone had ever seen. Medical examinations found drugs in his system that lead them to investigate his doctor who was on the scene at the time of his death.

 Today many fans are having to relive that dreadful day of June 25, 2009 as the jury has found Dr. Murray guilty of involuntary manslaughter. There was really no win situation in this. Some felt the King of Pop had a serious problem & Dr. Murray and other people were literally just giving him whatever he wanted, because when youre that powerful thats what people do. Others  (as I feel) felt like either way a Dr. has a responsibility to uphold the integrity of medicine. Some thought maybe this was a suicide on MJ's part because he couldnt dare face the world in the shape he was in just before his big tour.

At the end of it all, the world has lost a legend and both families have been immensely affected by the horrible outcome.  My prayers go up for the Jacksons and the Murray family. May Michael Jackson RILove.

Ahhh guys... D&G Metallic Oxfords = EVERYTHING!

So how cool would anybody be in these shoes??? Dolce & Gabbana's Metallic Sequin Leather Oxfords are JUST! Every now and then you want to make a statement w/out having to put on a tall pair of heels. These are definitely statement shoes. Im all about a pair of flats/sneaks from time to time. These bad babies are about $800  online and I feel like I'd wear them in the most inappropriate ways..just because they are flashy!  I could see Victor Jackson in these killing the dance floor!

Nicki Minaj is Will & Jada's long lost child!

So the wonder child that is Willow Smith has an awesome new video coming out featuring the Nickster! Over the weekend she shot it and hung out with the adorable family for a sec. She was so excited she twitpic'd a photo with the below caption:
“I’m the newest member of the family! Lmaoooooo. How cute are they barbz???? Willow goin ham in the video”
Love this family..and Nicki may just fit right in....!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Auntie Kelly (Rowland) Says Baby Jayonce Is a Girl!! Brookyln Carter??

Kelly Rowland  recently did a short interview with Bang Showbiz   where her excitement for Baby Jayonce may have gotten the best of her. The extra secret fave celeb couple Jay Z & Beyonce are currently preggers with their first ( & looooong publicly awaited) baby! Well there has been many guesses thrown out there as to the sex of the baby, but Kelly seemed to confirm that they are expecting a little girl!!!!!!!..

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kanye Dedicates Philly Performance to Amber Rose

Kanye is STILL talking about Amber Rose While Amber is madly in love with another rapper Wiz Khalifa. It seems as though Kanye still has a lot to get off of his chest about it, while Amber seems to have moved on rather quickly. Last night at his Philly show for WTT he gave her yet another shout out.." the city of Philly.." he says.." I want to thank y’all for making the incredible person that this song was made for…” Do yall think these two will end up back together?!

Nicki says ex maid is full of it!

A woman who used to work as Nicki Minaj's maid appeared at Nicki's home and was kicked out by her BF (Scaff Beezy) *cough* las week. Well, the maid's boss filed a battery suit stating that someone put their hands on the maid. The lady was  actually fired from the Nickster's home a few weeks ago for asking for an autograph. Unfortunately nobody told her I guess, because she showed up again last week lol.

Nicki says the girl made the whole thing up for money..who'd ever do that Nicki?? Youre only one of the biggest celebs right now. SMH..Im sure this will kill right on over soon.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Will harassment claims hurt Cain's chances?

He's been accused twice of sexual harassment and news accounts over the past few days show Republican presidential candidate hopeful Herman Cain singing several different tunes. Cain and top campaign aides have wrangled with the fallout over the news, threatening to kick him from a high standing in the polls.

Is there a Baby Bieber on the way??

Heck...isnt Justin the Baby Bieber? I don t know. Anywho, a 20 yr old woman is claiming that America's (well..not really) heartbreaker Justin Bieber impregnated her backstage at a concert in LA. I have a few questions..umm Justin turned 17 this March..when did this heated moment happen? Also, lets say he's not the father..I hope this lady's identity is never revealed. Doesnt she know how crazy Beliebers are?! LOL I don't know what to think. It could be true, but I think this is expected being that he's JB. His legal team is adamantly denying these allegations & working to clear Justin of the suit his alleged Baby Mama has filed ..woah grown folk stuff!