Thursday, October 27, 2011

Terius Nash Drops "Ghetto" Video w/ Big Sean (Explicit)

One of the records people dig the most off of Terius Nash's glorified "free" album 1977 is this collaboration with Big Sean, "Ghetto". I shouldve known that it wouldnt be long before he was dropping a video for it. Terius (The Dream) was both praised and criticized for dropping an album that so vividly detailed the relationships of his past according to the media. I personally am still up in the air about whether he took to his album to expose his ex wives/ girlfriends or not. Honestly either way his fans ate it up.  Speaking of ex wives... a judge here in Atl just solidified his divorce from singer/songwriter/actress Christina Milian a few days ago.

The Dream is currently riding a wave of new found fans as people are just now starting to realize how much he impacts a lot of their fave music ie.. every Beyonce hit in the past few years has had his pen on it.. yea check the credits lol... "Ghetto" video after the jummmmmmmp!

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