Monday, October 17, 2011

Kirk Franklin Premieres HILARIOUS "I Smile" Remix A Must See

I remember when my bff Beck came by to tell me she'd just left this video shoot (yawning @ 4:38) and how HILARIOUS it was gonna be! Kirk Franklin is known for pushing the envelope of gospel music, but among music lovers I think he's more so respected for just being an incredible songwriter/arranger. His songs are always so real life & well put together. He also has a great sense of humor-which is obvious in this video in which they mock the classic film, "Coming to America" . I was looking forward to this, but Kirk ended up putting out another more simple, less comical version first. His reasoning was that the song had touched so many people and  he didnt want to overlook that with the actual visual.  

Well looks like forall of us who know that being a Christian is not always boring and somber- Kirk has released the hilarious video Ive been waiting for. It features some of the funniest comedians-  Those of us who love to laugh and know its ok to have fun and do so will thoroughly enjoy this video! S.o to Kirk's whole crew and the Carrees getting their shine on in the vid! LainaPooh & Lil Ike you guys are great at this!   

The original video is below for those of you who didnt get to see it! I like it too..many cameos- Kirk's wife Mrs. Tammy, CNN's TJ Holmes, Jill Scott & her adorable son, Mary Mary,  & others! Check it out!

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