Saturday, October 29, 2011

HAPPY 2 Year Blogiversary BabyKayKs!!!!

Wow! Time is going by wayyyy tooo fast! Its been a great 2nd year for us though. Had lots of cool opportunities & met lots of cool new people. I was so overwhelmed by how well we did in our first year with the whole MTV shindig & I didnt think it could carry over into the second one honestly, but looks like it did!!! 

Im really REALLY excited about whats to come for us BabyKayKs!  I love you guys & appreciate you moer than you know! I want to say thanks for being patient with me lately..I know posts have been a little more scarce than usual...its all for the better though! We'll be back up in full swing in a bit.. Thanks for reading, emailing, commenting, texting, calling!! It means the world to me!  Check some of my personal faves from this past year after the juuuumpp!


 ~ One of the FUNNIEST Posts was this one of my 1 yr. old nephew arguing about the price of an iPad.. hilarious!

We were all saddened Congresswoman Gabbi Giffords brutal attack..we were all overjoyed to see her gracious return! 

~ People always seem to come together when they need to. The fight to save Troy Davis' life & give him another trial was definitely one of the most intense moments this year!

~Ugh! KayKi's Closets posts were EPIC this year.. heres my fave- of course its BALMAIN!

~ Had you told me a year ago Id have the opportunity to interview some of the folks I have this year..Spoke with some of the hottest up and coming artists - as well as some people Ive appreciated since I was a kid! Chilli from TLC was honestly one of the highlights of this blog!

~OMGeeeeeeeeeeee how long have we been waiting for Baby Jayonce!!!!!!!!??? I think we all were overjoyed at the news!

~Lastly I dont know WHAT I wouldve done this year without our contributor & my Spelsis Richa Tee. Her contribution to this site has been incredible! I truly appreciate her voice & dedication to this site! THE highlight of the year was adding her as our world news/ events blogger! She rocks socks!


  1. HOORAY! I'm very blessed to contribute to your site, and cheers to many more amazing posts!

  2. Yayyyy!!!! You know I've been a lover of your site since way back when!!!