Monday, October 24, 2011

Jennifer Lopez Cries Pays Tribute to Past Loves Diddy, Ben, & Marc

JLo gave fans a treat in Montville, Conn. last night. She gave what seemed to be a tribute to the men she's loved and her relationships that have been of such interest to the media. Jennifer is known for her relationships probably more than she is for all of her many professional accomplishments.  

Last night, she started with her hit, "If You Had My Love" just after asking the audience, "You want to talk about love? I can talk about love. Oh, the stories." Once she finished the song she continued..

 "That's the first song I wrote about love. And this is the last song I wrote about love. A lot has happened since then!"

While she sang the songs couples, seeming to represent herself & her exes, Diddy, Ben, & Marc danced around her. Once she finished..she added that it was a little trip down memory lane. According to US Weekly, the star held her head down and the camera caught tears coming down her face. Of course the audience ate it up.  She's definitely had her share of rocky relationships. Many arent convinced the tears were real..Im not sure what to think, but I think it was a very personal gesture either way!

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