Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Did Rihanna Use a Chris Brown Look Alike in New Video - We Found Love

I kept hearing that Rih Rih was using a Chris Brown look alike for this much anticipated video. I finally saw it and Im not sure which way to think. He does sorta read Chris Brown a bit, but that could just be a coinkidinky. This video is full of controversial appeal. Most will probably think of Chris Brown not only because the lead guy sorta kiiinda looks like him, but also because of theme of the video.

It depicts two young people in love and sometimes crazy in love. Thats prob what most people considered Chris & Rihanna to be after their violent episode a few years ago. Its highly sexual and mature, but the art in it is beautiful. Rihanna forewarned us of the direction she was taking with the video a few days ago on her twitter account:

Check the video out after the juuump!

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