Monday, October 31, 2011

New Video: Crystal Nicole pairs with good friend Q Parker for Pinch Me Now Video

Grammy award winning songwriter formerly known as Cristyle has made an incredible transition from writer/producer to artist recently. A bit ago she released her first single, Pinch Me Now, which established her as not only a writer to be reckoned with, but a singer as well! She recently teamed up with her really good friend Q Parker from the hit R&B group 112 to costar in her first official music video for the single. Featuring a few other music folks.. Jazze Pha, Tiffany Evans, K Michelle, & Dondria, the video depicts a story all too familiar to most of us..well let me speak for myself! lol.. love this vid!

Usher Raymond goes bald..

Ursher baby is gearing up for some major role he's studying to audition for. So, because he's "true to his craft" as he put it..he went balled... faced that is! He tweeted a series of before and after pictures last night & I must say.. he lost about 15 years with the hair! Check the after pics after the jump!

Nene Leakes Engaged

One of my lovely tweeties hit me up yesterday in response to a tweet she'd read from RHOA's infamous Nene Leakes! So I went to check it out!  Nene is recently divorced (I think) from her husband Greg. The issues of their marriage were broad casted all over the last season of the hit Bravo show, much to its demise I'd think. Anywho, she's been seen out and about with a few different people. Recently she was reported as the new boo of restaurateur John Kolaj. An unlikely pair, but the media has reported that the 2 are in love & such. Welp.. reports may just be accurate. See what the reality star had to say yesterday on twitter after the jump.. hmm...

Smile: Cutest Kid Costumes! Lil Wayne, Diggy, & Nicki!

This picture made its twitter rounds last night after it was tweeted by Robert Ector! Its his nephew as Lil Wayne & a little lady as Nicki Minaj.. soo cute!

& not sure who's little man this is, but tell me he doesnt look like Diggy!!!!!

I hope all of the kiddies & adults stay safe tonight!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

HAPPY 2 Year Blogiversary BabyKayKs!!!!

Wow! Time is going by wayyyy tooo fast! Its been a great 2nd year for us though. Had lots of cool opportunities & met lots of cool new people. I was so overwhelmed by how well we did in our first year with the whole MTV shindig & I didnt think it could carry over into the second one honestly, but looks like it did!!! 

Im really REALLY excited about whats to come for us BabyKayKs!  I love you guys & appreciate you moer than you know! I want to say thanks for being patient with me lately..I know posts have been a little more scarce than usual...its all for the better though! We'll be back up in full swing in a bit.. Thanks for reading, emailing, commenting, texting, calling!! It means the world to me!  Check some of my personal faves from this past year after the juuuumpp!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Terius Nash Drops "Ghetto" Video w/ Big Sean (Explicit)

One of the records people dig the most off of Terius Nash's glorified "free" album 1977 is this collaboration with Big Sean, "Ghetto". I shouldve known that it wouldnt be long before he was dropping a video for it. Terius (The Dream) was both praised and criticized for dropping an album that so vividly detailed the relationships of his past according to the media. I personally am still up in the air about whether he took to his album to expose his ex wives/ girlfriends or not. Honestly either way his fans ate it up.  Speaking of ex wives... a judge here in Atl just solidified his divorce from singer/songwriter/actress Christina Milian a few days ago.

The Dream is currently riding a wave of new found fans as people are just now starting to realize how much he impacts a lot of their fave music ie.. every Beyonce hit in the past few years has had his pen on it.. yea check the credits lol... "Ghetto" video after the jummmmmmmp!

New Music: Day 26 Wants to know If You've "Made Love Lately"

Wait! Is the R&B male group making a strong comeback!?? Ive said it since their show.. they are the closest to giving me some hope for that, that Ive seen. The fellas are back with this joint that is all the way r&b for you swoon lovers :).. check it out after the jump! The guys are working on their next project..and of coures I'll keep you updated.. maybe an interview soon ;)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hundreds dead from earthquake in Turkey, baby girl makes it out!

While news of natural disasters around the world compels us to believe the world is soon coming to an end, there was a spark of hope in the aftermath of Sunday’s earthquake in eastern Turkey.

Our Fave Celeb Dad Usher Visits Son's Class to Carve Pumpkins

Usher joined his oldest son Usher (Cinco)'s class for a little Halloween Activities yesterday! How cool is that?! The Superstar visited his son's school to do a little story telling, face painting, and what he claims to be the best at- pumpkin carving!Check out the adorable pics after the jump! It looks as though the kids really enjoyed him..even though he claimed to be a little nervous!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Behind the Scenes: Usher & David Guetta- Without You Video Shoot

Singer/Performer Usher linked up with world renowned DJ/Producer David Guetta to hit fans with a song they couldnt help but dance to. The two rulers of the dance floor got together a bit ago to shoot the video for  "Without You" with the concept of making the world into one big party! If anybody could do it.. its these two. Check out the two filming on set for the video.. and a glimpse or two of Ushers boo on set.

Monday, October 24, 2011

New Music: Usher & Justin Bieber- The Christmas Song

Usher & his protege Justin Bieber have come together to cover one of the most classic Christmas records ever made and easily my favorite! Hearing this song always puts me in a very happy place. To reflect on my childhood and Nat King Cole's voice playing from my mom's record player is one of the best feelings ever! Im happy to say I was not disappointed with this cover of one of my fave songs.. I am actually impressed by it. Justin's voice is maturing so much!!!! Wowzers they both sound great :) Check it out after the jump.

Tyrese Shares a Glimpse of "Open Invitation" Listening Party

Tyrese is set to drop his highly anticipated  album "Open Invitation" in just a few days! Cant believe its almost here! 11.1.11 is the date! He invited some of his "friends" over to his home for an exclusive first listen at the album. Seems like he has a lot of female friends ................... lol. Im not gonna hate heehee... The video features a few of the songs off of the album to get a sneak listen at what you can expect! I honestly am really excited about this project. Tyrese has put so much hard work and energy into making this album his the face of lots of negative energy and expectations from label heads! Check it the footage from the listening session after the jump!

Jennifer Lopez Cries Pays Tribute to Past Loves Diddy, Ben, & Marc

JLo gave fans a treat in Montville, Conn. last night. She gave what seemed to be a tribute to the men she's loved and her relationships that have been of such interest to the media. Jennifer is known for her relationships probably more than she is for all of her many professional accomplishments.  

Friday, October 21, 2011

You Probably Cant Afford these Shoelaces

We dont really know how you feel about your shoe game,but it is serious business for some people. Mr. Kennedy has made us some uber crazy laces to step any shoe game all the way up! These GOLD LACES have made their way on to the Today show via their style editor Bobbie Thomas. I thought them mad cool, but ridiculously priced at 19000!!! Crazy to think that someone would actually buy these.. not hating though, they are hot.

In Case You Missed It: New Music Coldplay ft. Rihanna Princess of China

You loves know I dig coldplay! They are just incredible. A few days when I heard the track ft. Rihanna had leaked I didnt know what to think. I'll be the first to admit Im just now coming around to Rihanna as an artist & thats mainly out of respect for her success. I knew that the idea worked though, so I was really geeked to hear it! Turns out..I dig it a lot.. check it after the jump! & how dope is that picture!?? I just got it from a google search, but kudos to whoever did it!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Did Rihanna Use a Chris Brown Look Alike in New Video - We Found Love

I kept hearing that Rih Rih was using a Chris Brown look alike for this much anticipated video. I finally saw it and Im not sure which way to think. He does sorta read Chris Brown a bit, but that could just be a coinkidinky. This video is full of controversial appeal. Most will probably think of Chris Brown not only because the lead guy sorta kiiinda looks like him, but also because of theme of the video.

It depicts two young people in love and sometimes crazy in love. Thats prob what most people considered Chris & Rihanna to be after their violent episode a few years ago. Its highly sexual and mature, but the art in it is beautiful. Rihanna forewarned us of the direction she was taking with the video a few days ago on her twitter account:

Check the video out after the juuump!

The Smiths part owners of Philadelphia 76ers

As the latest celebrities to buy into an NBA team, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are part owners of the Philadelphia 76ers. It's all the more fitting since Will is "West Philadelphia born and raised."

Monday, October 17, 2011

Kirk Franklin Premieres HILARIOUS "I Smile" Remix A Must See

I remember when my bff Beck came by to tell me she'd just left this video shoot (yawning @ 4:38) and how HILARIOUS it was gonna be! Kirk Franklin is known for pushing the envelope of gospel music, but among music lovers I think he's more so respected for just being an incredible songwriter/arranger. His songs are always so real life & well put together. He also has a great sense of humor-which is obvious in this video in which they mock the classic film, "Coming to America" . I was looking forward to this, but Kirk ended up putting out another more simple, less comical version first. His reasoning was that the song had touched so many people and  he didnt want to overlook that with the actual visual.  

Akira Akira!!! Michael Antonio Ratu

All I have to say is I spent an hour last night staring at Akira's website. I love these. POW! 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Video: Beyonce- Love On Top!!!!

You'd think this chick would slow down a bit, but then we wouldnt be talking about Beyonce. I feel like putting "The" before I mention her name now. She's just incredible. The video captures her getting down in a leotard and some kicks.. I dig it! Love the video & Ive always loved the song! Will be played at my wedding if we can just find KayKi a husband.................................... check the vid after the jump 

Friday, October 14, 2011

BREAKING NEWS! Rapper Rick Ross Unconscious Paramedics Desperately trying to Resuscitate!

According to TMZ, rapper Rick Ross had a seizure this afternoon on a flight to Memphis and lost consciousness. The flight made an emergency landing as paramedics are trying to resuscitate the rapper. According to TMZ some of Ross' entourage are emotionally disturbed! We're hoping for the best, I will keep you updated!


Reports have now emerged stating that Ross appeared to be conscious as they wheeled him off of the plane.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Miley Cyrus returns to Haiti, gives hearing aids to needy

After her first charitable trip to Haiti in February, Miley Cyrus wanted to make an even bigger impact the second time around. The 18-year-old former Hannah Montana star returned with Starkey Hearing Foundation to distribute more than 400 hearing aids to needy Haitians.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Beyonce Talks Due Date in New Interview

OK! So.. looks like we're gonna have a PISCES baby!!! In a recent interview in Australia, Beyonce talks a bit about her new and biggest accomplishment to date- her baby! She says its just simply time for she and Jay who have been together for 10 years! Doesnt seem like that long, but it really has been! Peep the full interview after the juump!

Rihanna Says She's a Fan of Chris Brown

We've been watching both Rihanna and Chris Brown's careers rise way above their heartbreaking break up & controversy a few years back. As much as people wanted to see Chris lose and his career crumble due to his mistakes he was able to apologize and keep going. A few months back we realized on twitter that-in a huge public demonstration of her forgiveness-Rihanna had decided to follow Chris Brown. From there they've had a few "twitter run ins" favoriting tweets and responding to fans about one another. Now Rihanna who is nude for Esquire's latest issue in which she is named its Sexiest Woman says, she has not only forgiven him, but she's a fan of his music! She told the magazine..

"It's incredible to see how he pulled out of it the way he did. Even when the world seemed like it was against him, you know? I really like the music he's putting out, I'm a fan of his stuff. I've always been a fan. Obviously, I had some resentment toward him for a while, for obvious reasons. But I've put that behind me. It was taking up too much of my time. It was too much anger. I'm really excited to see the breakthrough he's had in his career. I would never wish anything horrible for him. Never. I never have."

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Carter Dont hold back the PDA while shoppping with Baby Jayonce & Uncle Kanye :)

Known for being private about their relationship, then marriage, and now baby... Beyonce & Jay Z were all cuddled up in New York City this weekend shopping at one of its most exclusive boutiques, Intermix. Baby Jayonce Im sure was excited to have both Daddy, Mommy, and Uncle Kanye around :) More exclusive pics after the jump. I just love them!! 

P.S. Beyonce is THAT chic even while preggers..smh lol  

Lil Wayne's 30 minute PSA (Steve Jobs, Sizzurp, Skateboards, & Life)

Wayne takes a moment to speak to fans about..really... life. The mostly private rapper turned rock star is probably known for being straight to the point. He's talking on some stuff that most of us can pull some inspiration from. In other moments Im quite lost for the point or reason behind what he's saying. He talks about being inspired by rappers before him and about being a machine. He touches first on the infamous purple drink. If you have a sec check it out.

Friday, October 7, 2011

New Music: Tiffany Evans- Wont Find Me

Tiffany is back with a bangerrrrr. This track samples the legend herself the Queen Mary J's Real Love beat. I dig it. Yall stay tuned for more from Tiff, she's young, stupid talented, and has lungs of steel! She'll be around for a while Im sure! Check it out after the juuuump.

Christina & Baby V out & about! She's ADORABLE!

Christina Milian & Baby Violent were out and about! Appears they were out shoe shopping maybe? Anywho these pics were sent to me & I LOVE Violet! She's TOO cute! OMgee! There is one more picture after the jump of Violet trying on a shoe.. like mother like daughter!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Video: Beyonce ft. Baby Jayonce- Countdown

Beyonce & her Baby Bump (Baby Jayonce) premiered their "Countdown" video tonight on MTV!!

RIL: Civil Rights Activist Pastor Fred Shuttlesworth

Today as we mark the passing of the genius of Steve Jobs, we also celebrate the life of the great Pastor Fred Shuttlesworth. Pastor Shuttlesworth is not really one of the names in your history books or one you'll hear of during our "African American History Month" tributes but his contributions to our lives are profound! As a leader in the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s & 60s. As the Co founder of the SCLC he committed his life to fighting for equality for African Americans.

His work didnt stop there though. He was an advocate for the poor and homeless as well. Throughout his life he campaigned and worked along side others to relieve this world of injustice & prejudice.

Pastor Shuttlesworth was 89 yrs old when he died on Wednesday. His legacy lives on in our everyday lives!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Techies mourn the loss of Apple CEO Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, one of the biggest innovators in technology lost his battle with cancer on Wednesday at 56. He was the mastermind behind Apple's iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac and iTunes.

1 yr. old nephew Prysen argues the price of my brother's iPad

Everybody who knows me knows my nieces and nephews are my world! Last time I was home, my youngest 1 yr old Prysen argued with my brother about the price of his iPad. If you ever have the opportunity to have a conversation with a baby like this you should! LOL

Rihanna Says "White" People especially expect her to be a role model?

Rihanna is probably known as one of the more risque artists of our time. Rihanna recently told Vogue Magazine UK, that this is not who she is, but a part she plays.

In the November issue of Vogue UK the magazine also quotes her as saying some other things that may be borderline racist. When asked about her image the magazine quotes her as saying..

"People – especially white people..they want me to be a role model just because of the life I lead.

Short week in review: iPhone 4S, Amanda Knox goes home and NBA season in jeopardy

The week's almost over, but a lot has happened in the news! NBA talks break down, a new Apple iPhone unveiled, and Amanda Knox returned to the states after spending four years in an Italian prison.
Recap after the jump!

Monday, October 3, 2011

TI On Rumors He put Diddy In His Place!!

The BET Hip Hop Awards brought some of everybody to my metro area of ATL this past weekend. Though the awards honor some of Hip Hop's greatest acts..what seemed to be the talk of the town was not the award  show, but the "beef" that brewed at an after party. Hometown Rapper TI who was just released from serving time just in time for the awards was rumored to have "checked" and even put hands on Diddy in a popular club here in Atlanta!

TI  caught up w/one of the hottest stations here in Atlanta-WiLD Atlanta & David J to give his side of the story..... WOWZERS.. Click HERE to visit their site & listen to what TI says really went down & be sure to tune into WiLD 105.7 from 2pm-6pm..good folks over there & great music!