Thursday, September 8, 2011

Terius Nash (Dream) Responds to Blogs on 1977 being about Christina

Ugh I loved these two together. Heck I even blogged their wedding! lol I saw them a few times out and about & in the airport & they just seemed so happy. All of us felt the same way when Dream dropped 1977 & if yall dont think Dream isnt smart enough to know that it would go down like this, yall are crazy. The guy is known for making very thought provoking music about relationships and this free album just so happen to come out after a crazy situation with Christina Milian. I wont lie, I was one of the first people to blog the album. She responded on twitter and "promised we had the wrong chica." Well Dream hit his twitter to say what he wants us to think.

My first thoughts when I listened were - wow- if he were selling this, he'd probably make lots of money, instead he gave it away for free? Industry sucks. My second thought was why is he putting this eerily close to what the public thinks happened in his relationship..out in an album? Then I knew one of the major sites would get their hands on it & blog about how much its about his previous relationships, naturally he'd respond & boom more downloads. His response really doesnt matter after public opinion is formed its hard to undo. He claims in the below tweets that its not about one specific person ( Christina).

 He wants fans to not allow sites to take away from his gift by putting all the glory of it on one person (Christina). As much as I respect his angle, I think its a bunch of bull, because he's too smart not to know what he was doing. He'll get a few hundred more downloads from us saying its about her, while making her look  a certain way to the world. Sucks, but unfortunately thats how this is unfolding. Its the gift & the curse of music. Its the same way the public viewed Usher & Chilli in Confessions.. happens all of the time. If he says its not about her, I can believe it, but the rest of the world probably wont.

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  1. Hey, it could be about Nivea too!We can't rule her out