Thursday, September 8, 2011

OMG Girlz- Gucci This

Star, Babydoll, Beauty of OMG Girlz & Tiny

These girls were among the first to ever be featured on this site when I started it. Seems like forever ago and seems like they were just little girls then. Well it was only a year and some change ago, but when youre a preteen/teen a year and some change is a huge difference. Since then the group which originally consisted of Tiny's daughter Zonnique (Star), Her bff Bahja (Beauty) , Bahja's little sister Lourdes (Lolo), & Toya's daughter Reginae (Baby Carter)

 has done some revamping. Lolo & Reginae Im sure are plotting their own scheme to take over the entertainment world while the two older girlies have continued w/ the OMG Girlz & added a new face, Breaunna (Babydoll). Yesterday twitter was all a buzz because the ladies released a song- the first in a while to fans. The record demonstrates how much their voices have matured in such a short time & over all its just a hot song. Im sure we'll be hearing more from these ladies.

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