Monday, September 5, 2011

Ocho Cinco Wants to Sign BET's Sunday Best Contestant Amber Bullock

BET is back with their hit show Sunday Best. It celebrates the incredible vocalists that most of us in the Black church get to hear every Sunday.  Hosted by one of gospel's biggest names Kirk Franklin & judged by equally big names Mary Mary (Erica & Tina Campbell) & Pastor Donnie McClurkin. Being a PK & singing my whole life I have heard some of the MOST insanely talented singers/musicians you can imagine. With that being said, I think I follow some pretty cool people on twitter who know a great voice/song/lyric when they hear one.

Every single Sunday my twitter feed blows up with play by plays from the many music lovers & professionals about the competition. A name Ive come to see every Sunday is Amber! Today I noticed many people I wouldnt expect tweeting about it. One person in particular is New England Patriot WR & reality star Ocho Cinco.  She moved him to tears! He was so moved by Amber that he went on a twitter campaign for her! Even going as far to say that if she doesnt win, he will start a label & sign her!

Oddly, for as many music professionals who's opinions I know to be on point to have tweeted about her, it was his tweets that lead me to visit & see what the hype was about.  I went to the site & was just as impressed by her ability. Peep his tweets about signing her & the footage from last night below.

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