Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nokio of Dru Hill Like You've Never Seen Him Before!

A bit ago Nok & I were having a twitvo about his new band Black Angel Down. They arent reaaalllly new, but new to a lot of you. They are a rock band.. yes a rock band! Now if you've been a real Dru Hill fan for a bit you know Nok has always had a little rock star in him lol. Im happy to see him doing something he loves & making good music still even if its a little different for Dru Hill fans. Black Angel Down is a combination of some of Baltimores most respected underground Alternative Rock Bands & Dru Hill- which obviously creates a unique sound!

The band consists of Nokio, Kevin, Dan, Iacarino, & Shawn. Theyre single Wind has been surprising fans all over the country. Nokio's sweet tone & harmonies is just perfect over the heavy hitting rock driven band. I love it. The band recently shot a video for it that I thought was profound in its own right. Check it out below & stay tuned for an interview with these guys.  

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