Friday, September 30, 2011

New Music! Battle of the Ballads Tyrese ft. Brandy vs. Tyrese ft. Melanie Fiona "Rest of Our Lives"

BabyKayKs, I am too ready for this Tyrese album to drop. An intern working with Tyrese leaked this record a few days ago causing Tyrese to have to let them go, but he's still cool enough to share these exclusives with you! There are two versions of this song, one with him & Brandy & the other with Melanie Fiona!  Which one do you like best!?? Check them after the jump! They both are just beautiful!
Tyrese adds..

"This is a wedding song that was written for the 'First Dance" where
the husband is speaking blessings into his wife's life and she's doing
the same in the second verse" We were long overdue for a new classic
wedding song embrace and enjoy"..
Tyrese ft. Brandy- Rest of Our Lives

Tyrese ft. Melanie Fiona- Rest of Our Lives


  1. Melanie is dope in this. She holding her own, but uh.......B-ROCKA is.....flawless. Nothing like her in the industry, NOTHING.

  2. I really do like both of them but of course Brandy is my favorite female artist so by defauly I prefer hers.. love Melanie's voice though!