Monday, September 19, 2011

Fab calls in to DJ Clue Responds to Ray J's Ranting Interview, "Ray was on that Whitney last night"

Now as much as I want to believe one of these guys.. common sense says the truth lays somewhere in the middle. I think Ray was def still tweeking off of whatever he was on last night/this morning when he called in, so he cant really be trusted. Then Fab waits the entire day (to speak to his boy Clue b/c per Ray J he's the only person that can squash this) & by waiting gives himself way too much time to think of a good story in his favor. Its all cray to me. Thats why I posted the video earlier this morning, because thats exactly what it looks like from my end.

Fab says Ray J needs to sober up & that this isnt a war on him (Fab) but a war on drugs... which makes me sad to believe. Fab is such a comedian low key! Really though- leave Whitney out of this..k?! lol

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