Monday, September 5, 2011

An Exclusive Interview with Konvict Muzik's Billy Blue

The last in my series of interviews with Konvict's new line up of rappers, Miami bread Billy Blue's interview flew by. You know how they say time flies by when youre having fun? Well I guess thats the case when someone is schooling you about life as well.

Billy Blue is defined by his Konvict Label mate Money Jay as a real dude who gets real respect. So, when he entered for our set I didnt know what to expect! What I found was a very friendly, funny, & familiar guy with loads of stories & wisdom on life. Very encouraging & genuine.  We spent so much time talking about his life that we ran out of it! Im sure this wont be our last sit down, but for now check out my exclusive with Billy Blue on his life, Konvict, & future plans!

KayKi- Hey!!!

Billy Blue- Hey KayKi..I think I heard of you before.

KayKi- Really?

Billy Blue-  Were you at the listening party?

KayKi- Yea I was but I didnt get the one on one time with yall..I had to dip, but glad to be able to sit here with you now though.

Billy Blue- Ok.. its great to be here.

KayKi- Well thats a cool way to start it off! Thanks for taking a moment out of your busy schedule to put us up on whats going on with you! I want to jump right in.. So Billy Blue & Konvict did that come about?

Billy Blue-Well it was easy. I met him years ago & he says "Whoa! Youre darker than me!" Which is a lie!

KayKi- Hahaa

Billy Blue-He's 2 shades darker than me! We put our hands side by side, so I won that battle!

KayKi- Hahaaa Akon just seems like a really cool dude with you guys.

Billy Blue- Man, he truly is. We real cool. Like, I can call him & let him know what Im stressed about or whats bothering me. He'll give me advice. Its like its not just about music. He's not just my CEO, he's a friend. You feel me? When you seen him in that session-the thing that made me feel good was, he was like, "Yo Im confident in my artists. I believe in them!". Every one of us has good quality music. He's really backing us. We all have a past. We all have a history. This whole Konvict family that he's put together was something else formed from like the heavens above. It was meant to happen!

KayKi- Def was meant to be. I mean all of your stories are incredible as to how yall got on.

Billy Blue-  I never thought it was gonna happen to me. Every rapper gives up. I gave up. If a rapper been in the game for forever -they gave up at some point. If any rapper tell you they never gave up not one time they lyin. Everybody gives up because the grind is SO HARD. When you really working from like the bottom up, you know what Im sayin? Im not the rapper that says I picked up the mic last year  & blew up. No, I been through 16-18 years of strugglin. I never seen myself being  a main stream rapper or blowing up or having a deal because I thought it was just a facade. Now to see that Im one of the people that got chosen out of the millions out here trying. This is crazy!

KayKi- So on point with that. I know a lot of people really REALLY putting in work. I mean at the bottom..not eating, trying to get into somebody's studio. What was your motivation to keep going?

Billy Blue-I had a song that kept messing with my head. It would not leave me a lone. I had went to jail, got out & was on probation. This song it was messing with my head.. bugging me. This was around the time I was like forget rappin. I went to my producer SuperNova & he was like, you back? you rapping again? & I was like NO! but this song is in my head and I need to get it out.
       Got in the studio & I recorded the song in my normal voice because I was too tired to rap in my higher voice like I usually did. He gave it to my Dj my Dj loved it, but  I hated it. My Dj gave it to another Dj ..he loved it & it took off. I was signed to PoeBoy. About a year later EClass went to Akon like, I got the next big thing.. Akon was like I want in! Then Timbaland said the same thing. Then Jimmy Iovine caught wind.. then he was like I want in too. Man when your blessings come.. they come so fast! Tie your shoe laces, always be ready! If you let them they'll pass you by.

KayKi- So true! Your life story is like a movie! Did you think you'd be here?

Billy Blue-Im gonna be honest with you.  I thought Id be dead by now. I didnt expect to even get this far in life. I didnt even want to. I didnt care anymore. I thought I was gonna know..on a tshirt. Or in jail for life. So when I sit back & think about I mean, how I do shows, people want pictures, I still dont believe it. See right now, Im still in Miami. I still dont think I know Akon or Timbaland. Its all a dream for me still. Im still trying to realize this in my mind.

KayKi- Wow! I can respect that. You know what it is though? That hustle or hunger or dream mentality can be a gift. Like Diddy for example.. he grinds like he's never ever sold a record or an item of clothing. Do you think it has helped?

  Billy Blue-Yes! Im still motivated. Now its to the point where I realize I have to do this. I cant go back now. One thing about rap is once they accept you as a rapper. Youre a rapper for the rest of your life. You have to win at it. People like Diddy & myself we realize once that ice is broken you realize that there is more to come, more to see, more to give, more opportunities. Opportunities never stop. Life & opportunities keep coming.
        So to see people like Jay Z, Diddy, 50, Kanye all of them just continuing to grow in this is crazy. Like one of the people I really respect that I think many people are sleep on is Pharrell he has his hands in so much. Dude is a a part of a clothing company that uses recycled bottles (Return Textiles). I mean that is insane. Its about taking every opportunity & staying hungry & appreciating what you have access to.

KayKi- I dont know if I blogged it or not, but I heard about that company & thought it was super dope. Well I can say that with this mindset youre headed in the right direction!

Billy Blue-  Yea, its a vision.. you have to see it. As long as you can see it, you can achieve it right?

KayKi- See youre dropping so much wisdom! Im like man trying to take notes & everything. lol Now about your music because theyre gonna come in here and shut us down in a sec.. youre working right now on your project how is that coming?

Billy Blue- Haha Im just trying to help some other artist coming up. Its going great though. Like I said Im humbled by this whole thing.

KayKi- So far any records sticking out as faves for you?!

Billy Blue- Im feeling Im Just Me & of course Story of My Life.

KayKi- Story of My Life goes though.

Billy Blue- Oh you like that one?

KayKi- Yea..thats a hot record!

Billy Blue- Glad you feeling it, its really my story.

KayKi- Well I appreciate you sharing it & taking the time to enlighten me today!

Billy Blue- Thank you
Billy Blue's mixtape Blumanatti is currently available on datpiff.

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