Tuesday, September 27, 2011

As Promised Jay Z brings Brooklyn Some NETS! (Interview on Nets, Baby Jayonce, & Bey)

Jay Z announces Brooklyn Nets

I just love this guy...he's SO charismatic & handsome (YES I said it..grown man Tom Ford swag on ALL of you! lol ) Anywho, if youre a Jay Z fan you know that since he became part share owner of the Nets he's been talking about making the NJ Nets the Brooklyn Nets. Jay was all smiles Monday morning at the ground breaking for the new stadium that will house the Brooklyn Nets. He will open the building up with a series of concerts! He's finally getting his wish.

By this time, we should all know that if Jay says he's gonna do something..its pretty much done. The interviewer w/ Good Day New York tried to get the expectant dad to rad on baby & wifey Beyonce & of course he politely didnt answer most of her questions or he answered them as much as he wanted to. Hilarious. Love them & much more success. Check the interview and a few more photos from the ground breaking after the jump.

So in a couple years baby Ima bring you some Nets..
                                                                                                - Jay Z (Hello Brookyln)

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