Thursday, September 15, 2011

Akira Akira!!!

So, Fall is like here.. and my FAVORITE place to be is! Seriously! Any of you who have visited the store or the site know that this is the perfect time of year to hit them up. They have the most adorable & fashion forward collections for affordable prices that you will find anywhere. Everything from Jeffrey Campbell shoes, to the infamous jumpers that are in style, to fly dresses for any occasion. I shouldnt have gone there this morning considering that it is not shopping time in my life right now, but I do plan on doing all of my Fall/Spring shopping there! Who wouldnt!? More  of my fave looks after the jump.

  Id like to see myself modeling some of their clothes on the site. I know a  lot of brown girls who wear these clothes & they look AMAZING in them, Id like to see us represented too. Its the same girl over  & over again & while she's gorgeous and even has a few curves a friend pointed out that she wouldnt buy online there because she doesnt see her body type represented-which makes sense. Well you can find all of these amazing looks right here (<--click)  for under 60 bucks! 

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