Friday, September 30, 2011

New Music! Battle of the Ballads Tyrese ft. Brandy vs. Tyrese ft. Melanie Fiona "Rest of Our Lives"

BabyKayKs, I am too ready for this Tyrese album to drop. An intern working with Tyrese leaked this record a few days ago causing Tyrese to have to let them go, but he's still cool enough to share these exclusives with you! There are two versions of this song, one with him & Brandy & the other with Melanie Fiona!  Which one do you like best!?? Check them after the jump! They both are just beautiful!

Photo of the Week: Jay Z & Mama Carter!

Jay Z Loves his mama! Any fan knows that!! Im sure they are exceptionally happy right now considering her baby boy is about to give her a grandbaby with wifey Beyonce! Jay & Mama Carter were spotted over on in photos of Jay Z attending his Shawn Carter Foundation Carnival in NYC! "Give all glory to Gloria" - Jay (The Joy)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

MTV Premieres DISconnected Trailer

We knew it was coming. In the age of all things social media, and the current epidemic of cyber bullying going on, of course MTV would be the first to come up with a film that deals with just that! In this MTV Original four young people try to navigate their way through their real life as the their lives on the internet become way more complicated & somewhat interesting. The four young people who live in different cities all interact through a social media site, and this soon causes major issues in all of their lives. Check out the full trailer below! It premieres on October 10th  9/8c!

Do Wayne & Toya have a singer on their hands?! Reginae Covers Monica's

This little girl is adorable! Lol She's definitely a little star. Im not sure in which way she's gonna go with it but I could definitely see her having  sitcom or something. She's just so charismatic! Ive seen  both Toya & Reginae tweet in the past  about how much she loves her some Monica and this song in particular. Well Nae is finally giving us a dose of what she can do. I say give her a couple more years and she's coming for the music world too! Peep Reginae's "snippet" cute!

Think On This

One of the most inspiring lessons I ever learned in life is the life process of a butterfly. I had the opportunity in the 4th grade to actually have a "pet" caterpillar and watch it go through metamorphisis first hand. I often refer back to the process when I feel like my journey is getting to be a bit tooo much. If you've never seen it, heres one of my faves. Please watch it all the way through. Be patient with yourself.
Change & Wonder: A Butterfly Complete Metamorphosis from David Britton on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Trial for Michael Jackson's doctor begins, defense says Jackson caused his own death

A manslaughter trial for Dr. Conrad Murray began Tuesday on an emotional note, according to news reports. The doctor is charged in the death of the singer in 2009, but his attorneys contend that Jackson is responsible for his own death.

Why is Jay Z all smiles?!

Because he's standing in between his wife & baby Beyonce & best mate's wife Gwen Paltrow. The couples were out celebrating Gwen's birthday! Chris Martin is such a low key dude..where is he!? lol

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Video: Isaac Carree -In The Middle

Chart topping gospel artist, Isaac Carree released the official video for his smash hit, "In the Middle" just yesterday! The video captures the fun nature & encouraging vibe of the song that many people are using to get through their hard times in life! Its about knowing that you'll come out on top in the end, and that is something to dance about! Isaac definitely has brought something fresh to the gospel industry with this new album. I love how he had some of his friends and fam in the video..s/o to Dee getting her 2 step on.. get it girl! lol Love this.. Check out the video after the jump & you can find Ike's number 1 album in stores and on iTunes now!

As Promised Jay Z brings Brooklyn Some NETS! (Interview on Nets, Baby Jayonce, & Bey)

Jay Z announces Brooklyn Nets

I just love this guy...he's SO charismatic & handsome (YES I said it..grown man Tom Ford swag on ALL of you! lol ) Anywho, if youre a Jay Z fan you know that since he became part share owner of the Nets he's been talking about making the NJ Nets the Brooklyn Nets. Jay was all smiles Monday morning at the ground breaking for the new stadium that will house the Brooklyn Nets. He will open the building up with a series of concerts! He's finally getting his wish.

By this time, we should all know that if Jay says he's gonna do something..its pretty much done. The interviewer w/ Good Day New York tried to get the expectant dad to rad on baby & wifey Beyonce & of course he politely didnt answer most of her questions or he answered them as much as he wanted to. Hilarious. Love them & much more success. Check the interview and a few more photos from the ground breaking after the jump.

So in a couple years baby Ima bring you some Nets..
                                                                                                - Jay Z (Hello Brookyln)

Amber Rose talks trip to Ghana, hard life before money, Kanye, & Wiz in heartfelt letter to fans

I followed Amber Rose back in her Kanye days & I honestly was happy to realize that she wasnt just a dumb blonde. She seems compassionate and honest about her feelings..which is more than you can say about many people today. We all have had our comments or thoughts about her..none of them are relevant, but we share them. She has always kept herself together & free of responding to the media, but this past week she had to say something. I was on my blogging hiatus so I didnt get to blog it then, but I did want to post it now as I feel she makes some very important points.

Amber who always speaks of her Ghanaian roots went to Africa to visit some young ladies there and inspire their lives. Of course the media took it and ran with it. Amber wrote a very straight to the point and from the heart letter in disgust at how the media tries to paint this horrible picture of her, even when she is doing something amazing like inspiring young girls in Ghana. Her letter below she comments on her relationship with Kanye & now Wiz, her silence, and her life before fame. No one is perfect. You can either be built up or broken down by your past. Im glad Amber has decided to do her & make her past her history & not her destiny.
U do something positive in this industry u get scrutinized I really came to the conclusion that its not even about me its the fact that I'm a woman. Men in the entertainment industry are praised constantly for their " wrong doings". if ur a drug dealer and u took care of ur family before ur fame everyone understands.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Vid: Terius Nash (Dream) -Long Gone

Sparing Troy Davis' life IS POSSIBLE!

We want to believe that we live in a place where justice reigns. Unfortunately, we dont. If our justice system has its way, tonight, Wednesday 9.21.11  at 7pm Troy Davis will be executed here in GA. Here are the facts in brief.. Mr. Davis is a Savannah man who was convicted in 1991 of killing an off duty police officer in 1989. According to witnesses at the time, Davis gunned down Officer Mark MacPhail while he was aiding someone else.

Since his conviction there has been evidence to emerge that illuminates much doubt that Davis is actually the man who committed the crime. This evidence includes many of the prosecution's key witnesses changing their stories that originally mirrored Davis as the killer. Since then, many have been on the battlefront hoping to spare Mr. Davis' life as he may just be an innocent man. The NAACP and other activists have been working for years to keep this day from coming, and it is now upon us. Yesterday, he was denied clemency.

In this new social media age many have taken to their twitter accounts/facebook in protest. Even the NAACP has a Social Media Specialist in place to basically coach novices of social media on the most effective ways to help during this time.  Being led by many well respected individuals in entertainment & news, a swiftly growing twitter campaign to spare Troy Davis' life boomed yesterday. Many had never even heard of him until then. With the help of a few celebs with thousands of followers willing to simply push a button, Troy Davis' name/story was read by thousands..if not millions. While most of us were tweeting away in hopes of sparing his life, there were a few on twitter who'd like us to believe that our efforts are for nothing. This is not truth.

Military vet and soaps star tied for first place on DWTS

J.R. Martinez, military vet and star of "All My Children," got off to a great start on Dancing With the Stars Monday night scoring 22 points. As you can see from the photo, Martinez was injured while on duty years ago, but his work on the show inspired contestants and judges. Learn more about him after the jump!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

See It Here First New Video: Tyrese ft. Taraji P Henson - Stay

Since we saw this bright smile and chocolate bald head in the Coca Cola commercial in the mid 90s most of us ladies have found it nearly impossible to ignore Tyrese Gibson. Its a combination of his outer beauty, inner ambition, and that raspy, sexy, throwback ladies man voice that drives us into insanity! Well, after taking a few years off to shut down the acting world (Transformer & Fast & The Furious both grossed Millions-I know I went ONLY for him! lol) He is finally back with some music and a new album entitled, Open Invitation in stores 11.1.11!!! His single, Stay is an ode to real soul music. It highlights his smooth and bold natural tone as it pleads with the woman he loves to stay in his life! The video features his long time friend Taraji P Henson (Baby Boy) whom he has waaaayyy too much natrual chemistry with! Love these two together!

Ty sent a few bloggers the exclusive video to share with our readers sweet to be one of them! Enjoy the video after the jump & make sure you get the album 11.1.11 because from what Ive heard its CRAZY!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fab calls in to DJ Clue Responds to Ray J's Ranting Interview, "Ray was on that Whitney last night"

Now as much as I want to believe one of these guys.. common sense says the truth lays somewhere in the middle. I think Ray was def still tweeking off of whatever he was on last night/this morning when he called in, so he cant really be trusted. Then Fab waits the entire day (to speak to his boy Clue b/c per Ray J he's the only person that can squash this) & by waiting gives himself way too much time to think of a good story in his favor. Its all cray to me. Thats why I posted the video earlier this morning, because thats exactly what it looks like from my end.

Fab says Ray J needs to sober up & that this isnt a war on him (Fab) but a war on drugs... which makes me sad to believe. Fab is such a comedian low key! Really though- leave Whitney out of this..k?! lol

Ray J Speaks on Fight with Fabolous- HILARIOUS! "I got GOONS"

I CANT TAKE THIS INTERVIEW! Brandy get your brother!!!!!

Preggers Beyonce struts London Fashion Week catwalk with Mama Tina

Bey is definitely the sexiest pregnant woman you've ever seen right?! From the moment we found out she was preggers in that modest Grecian tangerine dress she wore to the VMAs she's been glowing! Since then though she's traded the fully covered & draped look for plunging necklines, 2 piece swim suits, and sexy leather cut out dresses that showed her bump. This weekend she was spotted on the catwalk in London with her mama Mama Tina for House of Dereon. More pics below.

Fabolous Lays them hands on Ray J in Vegas! (vid)

Twitter has been going CAZY about Ray J & Fabolous' fight in Vegas last night. Ive been a lotta under the weather so I havent been on much but in the few minutes I was on my whole timeline was going cray about it. Word on the street was that while Floyd was laying hands on Ortiz, Fab was throwin blows with Ray J.. Of course ya girl had to go find footage of it! Check it after the jump.

Kerry Washington & best lady in red at 63r Primetime Emmys!

You guys know these award shows are just fashion shows on the low. Last night's 63rd Emmys was no different. There were a few hits and misses, and really nothing that WOW'd me, but I did dig Kerry Washington's long red dress. Red was actually the color of the night. Many of television & the big screen's ladies adorned themselves in long red gowns & for the most part they were all beautiful. Kerry's was the best in my opinion.. and look at her, she knew it. lol

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jay Z's Blueprint Album's 10 yr. Birthday Gets The Source October Cover

10 years ago this time (September 11, 2011) I believe, Jay Z dropped arguably his best album to date. Now thats not my opinion, but many people do feel that way. It was around this time that I was introduced to Jay as a fan. I truly was digging Nas HARD before this album dropped. The Source decided to honor this piece of work by releasing a collectors item October issue with exclusives from people who worked on the album with Jay as well as never seen before photos. This is what the big guy over at Rap Radar Elliot Wilson had to say about Jay..
“After his classic 1996 debut, Reasonable Doubt, ignited the streets, dazzled the critics, but didn't move enough units, Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter scrapped his bad marketing plan for a one-album discography and decided to drop new masterful work each and every year.

He emerged center stage with a fervent desire to be #1 in the post “Pac-Biggie” era.
No MC ever wanted the throne as much as Hov. If consistency kills, he was the Son of Sam, and by the time he got to his sixth album, his frustrated competitors were firing shots back.”

Jay Z & Others come out to celebrate Nas' 38th birthday!

I fell in love with hip hop after getting into the Jay Z & Nas beef! True story! That was my first real introduction to it, that I actually paid any attention to. So to see these two have made up and actually out & about together is great! Jay showed up last night to celebrate Nas' 38th bday along with Common, Steve Stoute, Lala & Carmelo, & more! Check pics after the jump.

Akira Akira!!!

So, Fall is like here.. and my FAVORITE place to be is! Seriously! Any of you who have visited the store or the site know that this is the perfect time of year to hit them up. They have the most adorable & fashion forward collections for affordable prices that you will find anywhere. Everything from Jeffrey Campbell shoes, to the infamous jumpers that are in style, to fly dresses for any occasion. I shouldnt have gone there this morning considering that it is not shopping time in my life right now, but I do plan on doing all of my Fall/Spring shopping there! Who wouldnt!? More  of my fave looks after the jump.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Miss Angola crowned Miss Universe

A big congratulations is in order for the beautiful Miss Angola crowned Miss Universe Monday night. In her reign, the 25-year-old Leila Lopes wants to help her native African country escape a bruised history of war and combat HIV/AIDS around the globe. Lopes is the country's first Miss Universe winner and replaces last year's winner Ximena Navarrete of Mexico. Click on the jump to see some photos!

Missoni for Target sale shuts down Web

Black Friday had nothing on Target Tuesday! Did you catch any part of the highly anticipated Missoni for Target sale? If so, you missed out on some great grabs! The Italian luxury retailer sold limited offerings in Target stores and online as hundreds of people rushed stores and crashed the Web site shortly after the 6 a.m. launch.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tyler Perry Is the Richest Man in HOLLYWOOD

Yep you read that correctly.. the richest man IN Hollywood. According to Forbes' annual list Mr. Tyler Perry raked in $130 million in between May of 2010 & 2011. Most of you know Tyler Perry as Madea, but Im not sure if you all understand that this guy pretty much writes, produces, directs, and is even involved in acting in all of his movies. Its crazy! Kudos to him for hard work paying off..literally. Some other common names on the list are Steven Spielberg who is in 3rd place & Leonardo DiCaprio who was in 8th.

New Pics- Jay Z, Beyonce, & Baby Jayonce!

One of my favorite sites had me STUCK yesterday looking at all of their new pics of Mr. & Mrs. Carter, & Bey out with sister Solange with her baby bump who I like to call Baby Jayonce! Check them out taking a stroll in NYC, at the US Open & on the yaht celebrating Bey's bday. Ohhh Im sooooo excited! I really want to give them all of the privacy possible during this time, but I cant help myself. Im so happy for them!  lol

Nokio of Dru Hill Like You've Never Seen Him Before!

A bit ago Nok & I were having a twitvo about his new band Black Angel Down. They arent reaaalllly new, but new to a lot of you. They are a rock band.. yes a rock band! Now if you've been a real Dru Hill fan for a bit you know Nok has always had a little rock star in him lol. Im happy to see him doing something he loves & making good music still even if its a little different for Dru Hill fans. Black Angel Down is a combination of some of Baltimores most respected underground Alternative Rock Bands & Dru Hill- which obviously creates a unique sound!

Think this is really Serena Williams dancing to Bottoms Up?

Ok Im torn! Im not sure if I believe this is Serena...its definitely a Serena-esque body, but is it her face? Im not sure it looks a little altered. Anywho this video popped up yesterday on all of the blog sites as Serena dancing "In Drake's Condo" to Trey Songz' Bottoms Up. Now here is where I LOL at blog sites...How do you guys know where she is?! I mean, its one thing to say its her, but to say its her on a Friday right after lunch is reaching no?? Whether or not its her, it is quite the watch. Check it after the jump. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

New Music! Dirty Money's Dawn Richard- Love Wont Lose

Dawn of Dirty Money or Danity Kane..whichever was your preference has just released some new solo music. I was a fan of Dawn's voice from the jump as most of you know. So, whenever she releases anything Im all over it. Im digging this track, Love Wont Lose. Its very chill and Dawnish...whatever that is.. somewhere in between Brandy & alternative.  Check it after the jump. I remember someone asking me on here if her & Que were still together.. a little birdie says so. Says their just keeping things Bey & Jay.

State Farm & Spike Lee Join Forces to Remember 9/11

This brought me straight to tears! I think its extremely touching & beautiful. Plus it's a Jay Z song and as a fan its just another reason for me to say he's on a whole other level then who you all think he's in competition with. This is a great commercial. S/o to the incomporable Spike Lee.

5 yr. old Has a SERIOUS eye on Seinfeld

Ok, she's back. Singer/songwriter Anna Graceman's little sister is HILARIOUS! She's so serious about getting a job before getting married and now we know she's just as serious about being a comedian. This girl's expressions and timing is perfect! She's 5!! I mean what is going through the heads of kids these days!? I think the Graceman family has their hands full. Smart & talented kids!!! SO funny! Check the video below.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Terius Nash (Dream) Responds to Blogs on 1977 being about Christina

Ugh I loved these two together. Heck I even blogged their wedding! lol I saw them a few times out and about & in the airport & they just seemed so happy. All of us felt the same way when Dream dropped 1977 & if yall dont think Dream isnt smart enough to know that it would go down like this, yall are crazy. The guy is known for making very thought provoking music about relationships and this free album just so happen to come out after a crazy situation with Christina Milian. I wont lie, I was one of the first people to blog the album. She responded on twitter and "promised we had the wrong chica." Well Dream hit his twitter to say what he wants us to think.

Adele personally apologizes to fans for cancelling Show

In a quick letter to her fans via her site the lovely Adele apologized to her fans for having to cancel her cardiff show. Adele is under the weather  & according to her letter she actually tried to go anyway, but realized that it just wasnt happening. I thought this was really cute of her. Her full letter below. Get well soon Adele!  

OMG Girlz- Gucci This

Star, Babydoll, Beauty of OMG Girlz & Tiny

These girls were among the first to ever be featured on this site when I started it. Seems like forever ago and seems like they were just little girls then. Well it was only a year and some change ago, but when youre a preteen/teen a year and some change is a huge difference. Since then the group which originally consisted of Tiny's daughter Zonnique (Star), Her bff Bahja (Beauty) , Bahja's little sister Lourdes (Lolo), & Toya's daughter Reginae (Baby Carter)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

President Obama to unveil jobs plan

President Barack Obama is expected to propose a $300 billion plan tomorrow night to jump start jobs and get Americans back to work, the AP reported Tuesday.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

KayKi Speaks with Jhene Aiko About New Sailing Souls Mixtape!

You BabyKayKs know Im always listening out for some incredible music to fall into my ears. I cant deny that when my homegirl sent me this Jhene Aiko mixtape she looked out! I listened to it & posted it as you all know. I got so many emails from you guys about what she's been up to so I immediately set out to find out :)

After about 10 minutes of trying to be smarter than Skype, Jhene & I got a chance to chat about her music, being a mommy, her love for other artists, and much more. She's just a beam of light, insightful, funny, just as chill as her mixtape, and of course beautiful. We clowned a bit but eventually got to the interview. Im really excited about whats next for her. Check our convo out below.
KayKi- So I try my best to push out hot music on the site. I got your mixtape in an email from one of my homegirls.. She was like do you remember her?! My first reaction was no, but the moment she said B2K it struck a familiar chord. I remember it was said you were like Fizz's lil cousin or something like that right?

Monday, September 5, 2011

An Exclusive Interview with Konvict Muzik's Billy Blue

The last in my series of interviews with Konvict's new line up of rappers, Miami bread Billy Blue's interview flew by. You know how they say time flies by when youre having fun? Well I guess thats the case when someone is schooling you about life as well.

Billy Blue is defined by his Konvict Label mate Money Jay as a real dude who gets real respect. So, when he entered for our set I didnt know what to expect! What I found was a very friendly, funny, & familiar guy with loads of stories & wisdom on life. Very encouraging & genuine.  We spent so much time talking about his life that we ran out of it! Im sure this wont be our last sit down, but for now check out my exclusive with Billy Blue on his life, Konvict, & future plans!

Ocho Cinco Wants to Sign BET's Sunday Best Contestant Amber Bullock

BET is back with their hit show Sunday Best. It celebrates the incredible vocalists that most of us in the Black church get to hear every Sunday.  Hosted by one of gospel's biggest names Kirk Franklin & judged by equally big names Mary Mary (Erica & Tina Campbell) & Pastor Donnie McClurkin. Being a PK & singing my whole life I have heard some of the MOST insanely talented singers/musicians you can imagine. With that being said, I think I follow some pretty cool people on twitter who know a great voice/song/lyric when they hear one.

Every single Sunday my twitter feed blows up with play by plays from the many music lovers & professionals about the competition. A name Ive come to see every Sunday is Amber! Today I noticed many people I wouldnt expect tweeting about it. One person in particular is New England Patriot WR & reality star Ocho Cinco.  She moved him to tears! He was so moved by Amber that he went on a twitter campaign for her! Even going as far to say that if she doesnt win, he will start a label & sign her!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Preggers Beyonce & Hubby Jay Z Celebrate her Bday in Venice

Beyonce & Jay Z were photo'd yesterday leaving their hotel in Venice, Italy! Bey who turns 30 today announced in her own little way to the world at the VMAs last Sunday that she & hubby are expecting their first child! Happy Bey Day everybody!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

TI back in prison

TI is back in prison after only 24 hours of freedom. Youre asking how right? Well, according to reports, the feds didnt like his luxury vehicle of transportation back to Atlanta. I guess they expected a millionaire to take a 400 mi drive in a hoopty. Still waiting on details to emerge on this. I'll keep you guys posted. Till then, send up a prayer or two for his family.

Tip is listed on the feds website as being an inmate in Atlanta & his release date has been set back to the 29th of September. This means he is expected to go ahead & serve his remaining sentence in prison & not in a halfway house.

New Music Jojo- Disaster

Got word of this new record by the lovely & talented Jojo.. "Disaster" on twitter. Fans have been long awaiting her next projects release and it looks as though they are closer than ever to getting it. Ive featured her mixtape & various recordings on this site because they have been incredible. Im glad to say that this is an actual single from a actual album Jumping Trains out soon! Continue reading to listen to "Disaster"

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fan Covers Beyonce Hits- Best Covers Ever

Occasionally I come across videos that I cant quite explain. Of course on youtube once you see one cover they suggest a billion others. I stumbled upon this particular one & thought you all would enjoy it.