Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This Little Girl Blew Me Away! Vote for her Today!

I was sent to youtube to watch a video of this little girl talking about being married before having a job. Yes, the same video I posted a few days ago. I thought it was SO cute & funny! I noticed though that the video was posted on another account..that of the little girl's big sister Anna Graceman. After a little investigation I realized that  Id stumbled upon something really special. Anna's voice & writing ability is showcased from 6 years old all the way to today.
  In her youtube videos it is stated that many of the songs she's performing have been written by her. Incredible. Once you hear the voice coming out of her you'll think so even the more.  Anna is on America's Got Talent today & could use your vote if youre as blown away by her numerous songs as I am. Here's one to start you off.. visit her self named youtube channel for more! Go Anna!!

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