Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Terius Nash (The Dream) Releases Free Album "Shots Fired" I mean.. 1977

From the door this album is way too much for the listener. Considering all he's been through in his personal life the listener is going to immediately think SHOTS FIRED. Fired at any one of his ex wives- Nivea or Christina Milian..sad but true. In the first song on the album he talks about a woman changing and not keeping up what she started once she's married to him.  The title track 1977 is a dedication to his deceased mother, its very touching.

Most of the other songs continue to talk about all of the things a woman does to get him & how she quickly becomes complacent. Probably most relative to the story perpetuated by the media at the time of his divorce from singer/songwriter Christina Milian is the claim in one song that everybody knew it was over, but he took the bullets from the public for it...yea & so on. I think Dream is a great writer.. Im not sure what this looks like from him, or if he even cares.

I hate the way it will be received because yall remember I loved him & Christina together. Furthermore they have a daughter who will one day be old enough to play this album...Anywho click the album cover to get it before Def Jam shuts it down! LOL..Its free. Features include Big Sean,  & the latest to join his Radio Killa label.. Casha.

Over all.. the album totally written by him reflects a very complex minded individual.. lots going on..but those of you who follow him know that already. I will say this though, he's honest. Holds nothing back on the album. I have to respect that.


  1. I agree with you Kayki but Im mad I downloaded it. I dont like it. It is about Christina Milian or Nivea and I think that is disrespectfil. He talking about putting stuff out on the internet but he makes an album about it? Men are so stupid.

  2. I think for what its worth its a pretty good album. I mean it is just like him giving away music he is paid millions to make. Im not 100% sure who its about but I know what it appears to be about & Id have to agree with you on the double standard!

  3. Christina is saying on twitter its not about her.She dumb af if she dont think them songs about her. Dream wack anyway.