Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our Big Sis Chilli Tells Jill Scott "We need a pow wow!"

We as women dont always see ourselves clearly  & when we dont, we're blessed to have friends/fam who get us straight. The incredible Jill Scott hit her twitter account  yesterday to share her views on open relationships and that she's been considering it. The topic started a huge debate on twitter. I bet you guys can guess who got all fired up about it!?
 Yes our big sis Chilli who is always reminding us to keep our standards high & lifted responded to Jill in true Chilli fashion.. GIRL naw!  lol She went even further to tell her girl, "Im calling you..We need a pow wow..Im calling you!" I love it! I didnt know they had that type of relationship but I think its sweet. Shout out to all of the blogs trying to make this into some sort of beef or something.. it wasnt given in that spirit..but yall dont care, just trying to push a story huh? lol.. Anywho Chilli along with actor Brian White & others responded to Jill . Peep a few tweets below..

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