Tuesday, August 9, 2011

MTV Highlights the "New Guys" on Watch the Throne: The Jugganauts, Southside, & Lex Luger

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Ok.. this is Jay Z & Kanye West. They pretty much have the pick of the litter when it comes around to who they want on their album. Of course they went for the seasoned heavy hitters, Swizz, Hitboy, RZA, & even Yeezy to deliver an epic record on the production tip, but they also brought on some babies in the game.. and these guys are the standouts!

I recently sat & talked with Verse Simmonds of the Jugganauts & he didnt even mention that he had work on Watch the Throne! LOL Talk about hush humility..... also repping in this video are Lex Luger VA producer responsible for the infamous H.A.M. record, & Southside.. straight out of GA. Kudos to these guys.. this is a great look!

Its obvious that WTT's exclusive release on iTunes was a genius move. The album which did not leak was released at midnight and by mid day it was reported #1 in every country! & is projected to do 400000-500000 units first week out. Thats second only to Lady Gaga's album this year. Mayjerr.

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