Monday, August 15, 2011

KayKi Speaks w/ Konvict's West Coast Representa Ya Boy

So  I told yall a few weeks ago with the Verse Simmonds interview that Akon & Konvict Muzik was in no way playing with us this year. Akon has a roster of artist ready to take over pretty much every genre of music you like. I had the pleasure of sitting down with his West Coast representa Ya Boy aka YB in a brief interview a few days ago. His single Lock Down is murdering the radio airwaves here in Atlanta & from what I hear across the nation. It rides so hard I turn it up everytime it comes on. I didnt know what to expect from him though. So I went prepared for anything.

 He walked in pierced & tatted up, Cali swagged out. From the onset he looked like a rockstar more than a rapper, but his energy was mad cool. He made this interview way easy. Check it below.

KayKi- Heyyy thanks so much for hanging w/me for a second..I know youre a busy man these days.
YB- Nah, my pleasure thanks for hangin w/ me!
KayKi- So  I was trying to figure out where the name YB came from??
YB- My cousin gave me that name when I was younger because everybody loved me & everybody was cool with me. They didnt know my name. He was more popular & he had a group. I was just his lil cousin but everybody was like, "man where ya boy at?". It just stuck w/ me. He was like, "That needs to be your name, 'Ya Boy', cause you got what everybody need & everybody mess w/ you." So, thats how I got the name.
KayKi- Thats whats up! At that time was it a stage name? Were you trying to get into the game at that time?
YB- Yea it was pretty much a rap name.. I went through a few of em (lol)
KayKi- I think most people do
YB- Yea I did, but it stuck.

KayKi- Sweet. Now when I left the Konvict listening session, your record 'Lock Down' was the one I was jamming to in the car. It rides, you must be proud of that song!
YB- Yea I am proud of that record. Its real special to me. You know Im signed to Akon-like Im his artist & its my first official stamp as far as the music goes. And it tells my story, you know what I mean? Plus Kon went in & I feel like he just didnt go in and do anything, he really put his all into it.  He did his thing on the song too to give the world my story..its just a real special song.

KayKi- I know its your story, so it must've come easy to you, but do you usually have a process? Thats become of interest to the fan for some reason, -the rapper's process.
YB- I just go in the studio & play the beat. I just do what the beat tells me to do. I always start with the hook and the concept first b/c thats the main part of the song. Then I build around that, but I cant just sit around anywhere & just do it. Once I leave the studio its over.
KayKi- Really? Thats interesting..

YB- Yea..its over for all that. I cant rap or do nothing outside of the studio like that. I dont know what it is, but I just cant do it. Once Im in that studio though Im an animal.

KayKi- Its interesting but it does make sense that you have a zone that you can get in when you get in the booth.
YB - B/c some people are like rappers 24/7..& its nothing wrong with that, it just aint me. Its real life issues & stuff you go through that you have to handle. When Im in the studio, thats when Im in my comfort zone thats when Im Ya Boy. Outside of that  though I just cant always be writing raps & stuff like that, but when Im in there, thats what it is.

KayKi- One thing I think is mad cool about all of you newer artists, well, not "newer artists" but newest acquisitions to Konvict Muzik is that all of you have very interesting stories as to how you guys met up with Akon or how you got acquainted w/ Konvict. I know a lot of people who have been trying to get in the game for forever & a lot of your stories are like happen stance.. how did you meet up w/ Akon?

YB-  3-4 yrs. ago Akon's security at the time was saying Akon was lookin for a West Coast artist. He was like, "Ima tell Kon about you man.. " cus I was hot in the streets. All my mixtapes( I had like 15 mixtapes) had millions of downloads.. I was real hot in the streets.

KayKi- Thats what I hear!!

YB- (smile) Yea I was man, unsigned hype in all the magazines & such. So, Kon's security was telling him about me. I got to Miami, it was Kon, TPain, & a some of his other artists. I played my stuff for him & he wanted to sign me like right there. He gave me like 5 songs to go do, but we lost contact w/ each other. Then I ended up on the radio. So not only did I have the streets & mixtape shit poppin, but now Im on the radio killin.So he came to LA & heard me & was like, "Man, thats the same dude I was supposed to sign off the mixtape?" & they was like, "yea its the same dude". So TMoney got us on the phone & its been a wrap every since then. He signed me & Ive been Konvict Muzik every since.

He really believes in me & I really feel like Kon is one of the realest dudes I ever met in my life. When nobody else would give me a chance Kon did..he believed in me & the results are showing.  My record is really blowing up. Its only been out for a few weeks & Im already getting crazy spins in like 28 markets & its growing every day. Just goes to show you that if somebody believes in you..& you believe in yourself that you can do anything!

KayKi- Yes! Thats one thing I really appreciated about the listening could really tell that Akon loves yall. Like he's a fan of all of yall. Everytime he pressed play it was like it was his jam. That has to feel great to have his stamp of approval- he's established, he's well respected, he's a hot artist has to be crazy.

YB- Yea its a great feelin!

KayKi- Did you think 5 years ago that you'd be here?

YB- Naw I didnt think- I knew! Thats the reason why I am here, b/c I knew it in my brain.. most people dont know, anything you want its all in your head. Its gotta be in your head first. I couldve been anything I wanted in this world as long as I saw it in my mind &  made it happen. Thats my mentality. So when I was younger I definitely said it. I didnt know it was gonna be w/ Akon, but I knew it was gonna be something big though.

KayKi- Truth! You really can be what you want, but you have to envision it first!  Now, the West Coast has its own unique sound.. what separates you from the rest?

YB - Well I think my versatility is what separates me. I dont care to do only the West Coast sounding stuff. I like killin them soft beats & doing other stuff. I dont feel like many people are versatile. I feel like I can do any type of music.. any type of beat. I feel like if you put on a Miley Cyrus  or a Taylor Swift beat..anything you put on, Ima make a hit record out of it. I think thats what separates me, I have no boundaries. I just make music & I make good music.

KayKi- Speaking of good music.  With the single riding like it is are you working on more stuff..whats up wit the album?

YB- Its coming, if you love the single, you'll love the album! Its definitely coming!

KayKi- What do you think of the rap game right now? I mean, there are a lot of people out here getting money off of very little talent & great production. Whats your take on it?

YB- I feel like its some serious people in it  & some people just playing around, but the game is constantly changing. It will never be the same as it was last year next year. Its constantly evolving & changing. Especially with like youtube & the internet its just making it more possible for everybody to do music. You still got the people out there making good music though. And if you feel like somebody is trash, but they winning you know what I mean, you cant be mad at that b/c somebody like them. All I can do is just do me & make my good music for my fans. I cant worry about somebody else, if they winning thats hats off to them.

KayKi- Ok so anybody you feeling out right now? Who is in your playlists right now? I know you mentioned Miley & Taylor earlier?? (LOL)

YB- (LOL) Nah you not gonna find no Miley or Taylor..I know of them though so they doing they thing. Funny. I listen to Jeezy. I like Jeezy, Kanye West, my artist the Black Card boys, & my label mates..I listen to all of them dudes.

KayKi- Hahaa I thought you'd get a kick out of that. Your label mates are no joke. You guys are all very talented. Seriously.

YB- Yea they good dudes too. We ready.

KayKi-  Well theyre giving me the wrap it up sign, but it was fun talking with you! Sure it wont be the last time!

YB- Thank you, Im sure it wont be!
YB & the Black Card Boys are dropping a mixtape next month..which I hear is bananas! He's set to be in the upcoming film, The Trophy, as well! Be on the look out for way more from this guy!


  1. he is sexii kayki! oh i like his song 2

  2. He is sexy! He looks like AI a little bit. Is this song on itunes?

  3. Oh and nice interview KK. They always are!