Friday, August 26, 2011

Kanye's 15 minute Freestyle...for umm Amber maybe??

my fave Kanye pic.. obvi

I always get so tickled by Kanye's singing! He's so serious with it. He seemed to be coming from the heart on this video though. Its like he had a lot to get out In what sounds like a real heartfelt call out to love lost, Kanye goes on a forever long freestyle  unlike you've ever heard before. He talks about letting love go & not taking off work.  After the first listen I thought could he be talking to the girl he made famous while dating - Amber Rose?!? Hmm... One thing about Kanye he is an artist to his core. Whomever he was talking about-stuff was real. So..enjoy.. This dancer gave it though.. to the very end!  Peep the video after the jump.

If you love somebody tonight..hold on to them real tight..
& to think I actually played this song for you-Self fulfilling prophecy..


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