Saturday, August 13, 2011

EnchantedPR, Juicy Mag & ASCAP Present Crystal Nicole Showcase

Heres the dilemma.. you go to a showcase of a person you know personally with high hopes. When you leave that showcase you are expected to post something on your blog about what you thought about it. Do you give the nice review because its your people & that would be the right thing to do? Or, do you tell the truth & keep it honest? Well if youre me, you go with the latter.

I (as you all should know by now) am a fan of the Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Cristyle.  I loved some stuff she'd written way before I realized she'd written it & since then I, like the rest of the world have been all ears just to hear what she would Ink next.  So when I learned she was making the transition into artist I was  naturally a bit nervous. As we all know that can be a hard transition-even for a very talented singer like Crys.

She's been grinding in this industry for a while even though it seems like her success was over night. She's been singing for forever (which is how I met her a while back) & decided at some point to just go hard on the writing tip, & wow. Who has that gift just sitting in them to pull out at will?? I think Im right in saying, it was just a vehicle to what we are witnessing right now.

First came the announcement that she'd been signed to Blackground/Interscope. Then came the single Pinch Me & then the name change. The Grammy Award winning singer/ songwriter formerly known as CriStyle is now the artist Crystal Nicole.  Now my email, phone, & twitter have been going crazy lately about anyone has to sell her to me, lol, but it just goes to show that her people are really on their job. Plus it made it all the more real for me that she was actually doing this! Finally her big day to show her ATL family & others just who this Crystal Nicole artist was came on last Wednesday. Please believe we were anticipating!

I was sitting around with some other mutual associates prior to her hitting the stage and we all  had the same feelings.. 'Crys is about to BLAZE this stage.. but we have no clue what to expect other than that.'  Well, I said Id keep it 100 and so I will- she BLEW US AWAY! From the very beginning to the end. She seemed like a seasoned performing artist up there. She looked great, and sounded incredible live. Her vocal control & timing was perfect. There was no denying that she was right where she is meant to be.

 She performed a few of her records including her single, Pinch Me to a packed house of family, friends, media, & other music associates - all there to show their support. Im sure she made everyone proud. I couldnt really believe my eyes. I dont think any of us could. It was definitely a moment of, "ok.. she has done it."

The cross over from singer/songwriter to artist hasnt been a smooth one for many people. Sometimes one ability outshines the other. I think this was my main concern w/ Crys, but after Wednesday night I feel like I can rest easy. She's about to show everybody how its done! She explained on stage how her being on stage as an artist was a dream come true, Im glad to have witnessed it. Peep a vid by Kingsmen Media below. Special s/o to EnchantedPr for an incredible event & the invite.

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  1. if u say so kayki i believe u. i was worried abt her transision to. think kerri hilson that hasnt worked very well. i like her song you put on here a few weeks ago, she has the talent for sure.