Friday, July 22, 2011

Wanna Dress Like RihRih!?? Check out!!!

Look how easy they make it! love love

BabyKayKs was a  fan of Rihanna's fashion sense before anything else! She's a beautiful woman with a great mind for fashion and expression! I stumbled across a site this morning ( and I never ever do this) but I just have to tell you loves about it! Its SO cool! Im always trying to post the hottest fashions on here & the hardest part about that is getting the actual brand information. If Im honest its fun, but its definitely a challenge. literally gives you all of the looks we love on Rihanna, but also tells you who the looks are by all the way down to the shoes! GOOD WORK to whoever is running that show over there! Hats off! You'll be first up on the blog roll! xo

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