Tuesday, July 12, 2011

NO ID, James Fauntleroy & friends: Anywhere but Here

Soo I kept seeing writer/singer James Fauntleroy's twitter icon in my profile & honestly I was quite offended by it. lol YES Im that green! I just was like why is he promoting drug use?! & Then he keeps talking about Cocaine 80s.. wth!? LOL.. welp I soon realized that he was promoting a mix tape. & clearly a mixtape I needed to have being that it was a collaboration of some of music's most incredibles: him, No ID, Common, Makeba, etc.. I was on it!

Once it was downloaded I listened to it in its entirety & dug every.single.song. Im like this is crack! I mean coke?? .. I dont know.. anywho its a dope (!) mixtape.. & you should have it..if you dig this music. I mean I absolutely hate the art for it, but the music is great. Here's my fave record from it, Anywhere but Here..enjoy