Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nicki Minaj & SB respond to reports she was attacked.. by him!?

So, our friends at TMZ reported yesterday that Nicki was attacked at the hotel she was staying at by a male she was there with. According to their report, she was arguing with an unidentified male at the pool at the Palomar Hotel and the argument escalated to her being hit in her lip. 

 Around the same time SB, her boo, I mean, bodyguard, I mean best friend tweeted that he was pool side enjoying life. So, this is where the excitement comes in. Everyone assumes that the unidentified male whom Nicki did not wish to press charges against was SB.

This did not rub Nicki or Scaff Beezy the right way & they both hit their twitter accounts to let the "public" have it.
Nicki sets it straight on the logical reasons why its not true..

Scaff Beezy gives the sentimental reasons..

I just hope its not true period. I couldnt really see him doing that.

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