Friday, July 8, 2011

New Music: Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child- Love Gun

Ok..ok.. I DIG this! Heard "Love Gun" for the first time last night and I have been bumping it every since. This makes me anticipate what else Michelle has in store! Im not sure what direction this next album will go in. We know that Michelle who started off (so yall think) with Destiny's Child
& branched off from the pop/r&b vibe of the group to sing what was true to her , which is gospel. She def has the ability to sing whatever she'd like, and with this record she's winning even if its a lil old. I am supposed to be catching up with her at some point soon hopefully just to see what she's been up to & such.. I'll keep you updated on when that will happen..until then, check out "Love Gun".

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