Monday, July 11, 2011

Morning Coffee: Do You Believe in Love after Love??

In a perfect world, Id get to sit with you all in the mornings over a cup of coffee & talk about whatever! Unfortunately some of us are worlds a part, so today we'll just act like we're talking ..I wanna ask a question..So Im jamming last night to what Id like to call my "Bloomington Babe" playlist. Its just a collection of songs that I dont think Id know or love had I not grown up in Bloomington IL. Amongst them, a song by the legendary Cher entitled Believe. In the hook she poses a question that in fact is a great conversation piece
& Im interested in knowing how some folks feel about it. She simply asks, "Do you believe in love after love?".

Ive listened, sang, and danced to this song a billion times, but this time I really stopped to ask myself the question & I tweeted it for my tweeties to reply as well. Its a very profound question I think, being that love is such a Divine topic. My answer.. Im hoping to believe in love after love. I have been in love before, and by all means Id say Im still in it somewhere. Id like to think that since Im not with the man I love, that Id at least one day.. some day be able to share the same truth for someone else. Great question to ask yourself, if youve really been in love before. Can it ..the magnitude of it.. happen again, with someone else? Do you believe in love after love?

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